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Well Hello, visitors. I’m Sarah, i’m now 21 years old. I’m attempting to get my Psychology’s bachelor degree at Indonesian Catholic University of Atma Jaya, Jakarta.  i’m an independent person who loving kids so much, and i  really hope they can have many choices in their life. I’m twins with a boy called Adit or Hendry.  I interest books, music, psychology, English, story-writing, chocolates, kittens, and some other stuffs. I’m mixed melancholy and sanguine, so i’m a little bit obsessing orderliness and perfection. I’m well-scheduled, introspective, and intuitive, pessimistic enough, but i’m not that introvert. I love to belong to a group or more, but i really enjoy being alone. hmm, i think it’s enough. Oh no, many things left, here they are :

you can add me on facebook, tell me who you are please, i’m not going to approve strangers, sorry. =)

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i often make some sets on polyvore, check them out and leave a comment if you’re pleasant.

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