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Batam-Singapore trip

Have been abstain from my blog for a month is not because I don’t care about my blog, but.. I have nothing to write. I was too enjoying my holiday. It was running really fast, and my lecture waits me on the morrow. Rrgh, do I have to attend a class again, ma’am, sir? I want another holiday, ahahah, enough! Be lazy in my whole life isn’t my plan to get any better future.

I spent my holiday in many ways. Went shopping, went to Batam Island visiting my daddy, got some sleep, finished to build a plan to my next semester (like um.. meet my academic guidance lecturer to make a deal, approval, payment, and some other things). I’ve planned to cut my hair but it has not yet accomplished ahaha. I want to let my hair long, longer, and longer.

Anywaaay, I have experienced so many things during my holiday. The most important thing could be when I had a fight with mum. The trigger was my maid’s mistake. I didn’t know if she was too idiot. I’m too sick of it so err.. I won’t tell the details here. One thing, it made me crying all day and night, even when I prayed, and after I prayed, i felt like I got an insight that drive me to show mum that I’m not like what she has judged before. And do you know, it has successfully shown! Due to my pain, I decided to go to Batam (as I have said you). After the ‘hurly burly’ (hahah) appeared, I phoned my dad, I told him the complete story, and I asked him to book me a ticket to Batam (because I don’t know how to book a ticket, dumb me, hahaha!). I had so much fun in Batam, it’s a beautiful city, it has so many beaches, so many peaceful spots to relax, and truly, I always enjoy myself when I get attached by nature. I love nature. 🙂  I added some of my pictures but unfortunately, I left my pictures when at beach. Those are on my dad’s camera, I forgot to transfer them to CD or flash disk. Ah!

I also spent my 12 hours of time to visit Singapore. Just for shopping, yes. My daddy and I took a second sail, and then arrived at Singapore 2 hours later.

me and daddy in the cruise. i hate my daddy’s smile,
well he’s not really camera-faced, btw.

me and daddy

I got trapped on a loooonnggg queue on a migration stuff (I always hate this kind of stuff). When I was queuing, I observed people around me (what an observant, ahaha). Nothing special, I just saw some labours. Those who working hard for unworthy wages, those who have to be far from their spouse and children, suddenly I felt so lucky be here not to be like them. Hope Allah give them a strength to achieve anything they deserve. 🙂

After finally I escaped from that effing queue, I asked my dad to feed me, hahaha, of course I did, I wasn’t going to let myself starved, so we entered the nearest restaurant, McDonald’s. hahaha. Besides, i couldn’t eat at any unknown (infamous) place, swine flu is way threating singapore, remember? I’d rather take junk food than swine flu, of course. (addition : they have very delicious dessert, called ‘cinnamon melt’ *or some other name, i’m not really sure for the name)

‘pink fat starving pig’ looks. LMFAO.

stick with Uncle Ronald, lol.

Next destination : Shopping malls. hahaha. Great sale has been attacking Singapore since a month (or maybe two even 3) before i was there, me and dad wouldn’t ever leave it. Dad is not a kind of shoppaholic person like me, but he got interested after seeing a leaflet, “GREAT SALE, 50% OFF” and blablabla..

After clothes, then books. Books? yes, books. You must know that Singapore has its best bookstore (maybe on earth and heaven) and i couldn’t go home without stomp my feet there. And believe me or not, i bought books more than i bought clothes. Frankly, Singapore is not really better than Indonesia in outfit stocks. but YES in book supplies.

borders bookstore that i love.

say ‘beans!!’

after sweep the bookstore. :D

At last, my retail therapy has terminated, ladies and gentlemen. Dad and i visited Burger King to get some snacks. they have a pleasant-tasting Taro pie, i grabbed it to fill my half-empty stomach. While i was eating, i saw a car, maybe a kind of sport car, i don’t know exactly what kind of car it is, but wooow it could make me amused, and i wondered if i can have it on my own someday. 😀

here is the car, red coloured and gorgeous car,
that succesfully amusing me.


Dad cut my castle in the air *lol*, i abruptly turned alpha mode to beta mode *what is this, huh?*, and took a taxi to drive us back to the harbour. i had to catch a cruise before it got really night to go home. Though, we’ve been tired already. And that would be the end of my journey in Singapore and Batam, because i went home on the morrow. It’s ordinary but yet a kind of ‘fresh air’ for me. Not hearing mum’s shouting, agitation, and it’s a state where i got really close to my dad. Truthfully, i have been missing him, so bad. :’)

thank you for reading, visitors. Have a nice day and may a good luck always be with you, cheers.



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Reasons why I hate holiday

As we know, holiday will (always) be awaited by anyone who is busy with his or her tiring activities, including me and maybe you too. However, sometimes I feel like I need to escape from holiday because I’ll be so insecure when on a looongg holiday, like now. Several things argue for my claim; here they are if you’re interested to know. 🙂

1. Holiday plumps me out *or I’ll plump out myself on holiday*. I’m not a foodie, I’ll eat only if I’m hungry, but … my calories will be less burned than when I’m busy. It is so not good.. 😦 I’m thinking about fasting during the holiday. What do you think? Good idea, huh? No? Alternatively, how if I get a membership from the fitness center? Which one is better?

2. Holiday gives me palsy, lol. Do I need to give you further information about this? Less typing and studying than on busy days. Oh, I’m more inactive. Static. I look like a moron.

3. Holiday devastates my money, really!! I’m not a billionaire, but I act like I am so. Go shopping from mall to mall, become a shoppaholic, and If you do an inspection to my room, you’ll find some paper and plastic bags there. 4. Holiday makes me bored to death. Cycle of eat-sleep always tries to kill me, besides, I can’t go out everyday, I have to take care of my house and stay here at least 3 times a week. Shiiit, I don’t like staying at home for too long.

So, do you think my hatred is reasonable, or not? hihi.. somehow I really want to go back to college, being busy, enjoying some multitask, challenging my brain to solve the cases, otherwise I’d rather go sleep. Gah! Ohoo, it’s actually the only topic I want to talk, I have nothing to write. Besides, my cough syrup makes me sleepy, I need to close my eyes for a nap. See you guys, have a nice Monday. xoxo


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tragedy in my diningroom. idul adha, 2008.

sbelum memulai pnjelasan ttg ritual (apa sii?), sarah n family mengucapkan : “SELAMAT HARI RAYA IDUL ADHA“, kepada smua visitor blog ini, yg kebetulan merayakannya..

well, well, well,, i’m so glad that i can did shalat Ied tadi, secara pas idul fitri itu i was on a woman’s period, jd gw mendekam aja di rumah, huuh! tapi idul adha sekarang, gw bs shalat, gw bs shalaaat! yeah man! Tuhan emang adil ya? idul fitri gw ‘dapet’, idul adha gw bebas (shalat!).

ritual dimulai dengan bangun pagi (indeed!), jam stngah 6 pintu kamar gw udah diketok2 ama si Ella (pembantu gw). she said, “saraaahh! ikut shalat ga?”, then i answered her, “ikuuut!”. FYI, gw tuh blm tidur sama skali tadi. ga tau knp gw ga bs tidur, jd daripada gw tidur jam 5 trus gw ga bs bangun, mending lanjut aja (duuh, terserah d ya gw mau dibilang sebagai org yg berpikiran pendek kek, I DON’T MIND!).

jam 6 lewat 10an gt, gw bangun, mandi, siap2 shalat sblum gw diceramahin oma. oia, oma opa gw kbtulan lebaranan disini, gatau knp. rumah mereka di bogor (bukan daerah asal. mereka asalnya dari Padang!). oma gw udah bacot bgt (yaa normalnya oma2 deh! agak hiper klo menurut gw, tp sudahlah!) teriak2 dari luar kamar gw, memastikan klo gw sedang bersiaaap!
kelar mandi, gw langsung masuk2in perlengkapan shalat, ama must-bring-things gw such as wallet, tissue, n mobile phones) trus langsung dimasukin ke tas.

must-bring-things gw!! yg polka itu tas gw, asal ngambil!

setelah semua siap, ga mikir 2x (ngapain jg?) gw langsung cabooot! gw cuma shalat bdua oma gw aja, krn bunda lg ga shalat (yep, woman’s period!), n opa udah ga bs shalat sembarangan lg. dia udah susah klo shalat berdiri, mau ga mau di harus duduk, n repot (itu sih menurut pendapat dia), jd drpd (menurut pendapat dia jg) dia harus nyusahin org, mending dia di rumah. jd dia, ama nyokap gw jaga rumah. adit (kembaran gw) shalat ama temen2nya di salah satu mesjid besar di jakarta selatan (ga boleh nyebut namaa, hihi!), so dia udah brangkat lebih dulu drpd gw..
pas gw di jalan menuju mesjid, ada satu kejadian yg ngebuat gw miris.. jadi pas gw jalan, gw ngliat ada tukang minta-minta, mbak2 gitu, bawa bayinya. tiba2 oma gw nyamperin dia, trus ngasi duit. gw, yg kebetulan baru ngeh klo oma gw nyamperin dianya pas udah rada jauh gt (yaa stngah meter d, jauh ga sih?), males balik ke blakang, jd gw cm liat dr jarak sgitu aja. gw pratiin tu mbak2 beggar, kasiaan bgt. well, sbnrnya gw kasian ama bayinya. Ya Allah, gw pengen bgt do something tp gw ga ta hrus ngapain!? gw cm bs ngedoain dia (n beggar2 lainnya), supaya mereka dikasih kekuatan n kesempatan untuk bs merubah hidup mereka ke taraf yg lebih baik..

setelah beberapa menit, gw lanjut jalan lg. pas udah sampe, gw milih syaf yg kebetulan kosong. pan syaf kita ga boleh ada bolong2 (jarak) tuh, jd gw langsung aja ngisi yg kosong di sebelah ibu2. oma di sebelah kiri gw, n tu ibu2 di sebelah kanan gw. ga lama setelah gw pake mukena n duduk, shalatnya mulai. para jama’ah di suruh buat bediri n bersiap dengan posisi masing2 (eh?). shalat slesai, semua pada dengerin khutbah (ngga sih, pada gosip! haah, gossiping is good however!), pd ngelepas mukena masing2, ada juga beberapa keluarga yang pulang duluan ninggalin si imamnya. kasian amat yak tu imam? emang sih, gw akui n gw sadari, itu khutbah ga jelas. ga jelas suaranya (mikrofon nya ngaco tuh kayanya?!), ga jelas juga isi khutbahnya apaa (mungkin krn dr suara yg dikeluarin ama si mikrofon aneh itu udah ga jelas kali yey?), jd yaa cukup beralasan jg sih knapa para jama’ah ga ada yg mau dengerin (maksd gw, sebagian dari mereka, ga semuanya laah, hha!)..

setelah beres shalat, saatnya pulaang! gw udah laper bgt, cooy! apapun makanannya di rumah, yg penting gw makaan (yg penting halal siy, sbnrnya!). udah nyampe rumah (dengan perjalanan rada lelet, pake sempet ngeliat ‘pemandangan’ mbak2 beggar yg tadi, pake ngobrol ama tetangga), gw langsung ganti baju, bikin kondisi seenak mungkin (kan mo makan critanyaah!), trus menuju meja hidang. jeng jeeeeengg.. inilah hidangannyaa..

opor ayam ama sayur nangka, the ritual’s tools!!
(eh ada tangannya oma, hihi!)
ko ada ayam goreng? oma gw krajinan!

ga ada acara analisis makanan lg, gw langsung ngambil ketupat n lauk pauknya. ga semuanya gw ambil sih, cm opor ayam ama sayur + rendang paru dikit (khas padang, ketupat with rendang, beuuh.. what an orgasm, beybii!!)..

keadaan si piring sebelum disentuh pemangsanya (=gw!)

acara santap menyantap pun berlangsung lancar, tanpa ada gangguan dari pihak manapun. sang ratu santap pun menikmati makanannya dengan membabi buta (dooilaah, lebay bo!). acara santap pagi (itu jam 9, brarti itungannya msh pagi kan ya?) gw dihiasi juga dengan obrolan2 santai gw, bunda, adit, opa n oma (thank God blm ada tamu yang dateng). waah enaknya berkumpul ama mereka semua. jarang bgt moment kayak gini.. for +/- 15 minutes later, piring gw praktis kosong.. taraaaaaa!!

ketupat habis tanpa sisaa,
untung ga ama piring-piringnya jg gw makan!

kosong bukaaan? see, see?? haahaa.. i’m sooo rakus, right? hell-yeaah! ya emang sih porsinya ga terlalu banyak sbnrnya. it’s NORMAL portion (for normal people in a normal-planet-earth), BUT, untuk orang bertinggi 160 CM (itu jg kayanya gw lebih2in deh, hakhak!) n berberat badan 48 KG (mudah2an ga naik lg deh, on no, please GOD, don’t, don’t!!) macem gw gini, porsi yg gw makan td itungannya udah banyak. hmmph! *mengernyitkan jidat*

acara makan2 selesai, gw langsung balik ke kamar gw. krn blm ada tamu jg kan. gw ngrasa ngantuuk bgt (post-lunch dip = abis makan, ngantuk. salah 1 istilah psikologi), yaa secara gw kan blm tidur sedetik pun since kmaren.. perasaan ngantuk pun mendera.. gw pun bobo, lost in my dream world. then gw dibangunin dgn suara cempreng spupu2 gw, yg kebetulan mampir ke rumah, krn oma-opa stay di rumah gw (td pan udah tak bilaaang!!). gw bangun, cuci muka, ganti baju dengan yg rapihan (masa iya ktmu tamu pake boxer?? heeeh? Lebaran pula!!) trus gabung sama mereka.. ooh, such a wonderful day! alhamdulillah.. =)


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Buka puasa featuring reunii,,

Tadi gw buka puasa bareng anak-anak kelas gw (XII IS C), walaupun yg dateng cm sgelintir, tapi udah enak bgt, ktmu sm mereka, bersama-sama menuju sebuah tahap hidup dewasa, padahal dulunya petakilan ga jelas.. skrng msh tetep petakilan, tp tentunya bukan petakilan ala anak SMA lg.. td sempet ga dapet tmpat, yoii puasa2 gini mall udh ky pasar ikan, ruamee gelaa, jdlah gw batalin puasa dgn sebotol frestea, tp berhubung gw ga laper2 amat, jd gw tenang klo ga dpt tmpat.
Masa kls 3 emang enak bgt, mungkin krn kita senasib, sama2 deg2an sebelum ujian, sama2 nervous pas ujian, blajar bareng, pusing bareng, dan ktawa2 bareng setelah lulus, bner2 indah tu masa, yg ga akan pernah gw rasain utk ke-2 kalinya. Totally memorable. Skarang, udah pd sibuk masing2, egosentris harus dinaikkan demi kelangsungan hidup yang akan datang, makanya ga bs disalain jg kalo mrk ga bs dateng krn kesibukan, ga bs disalain kesibukan jg, krn sbnernya kan tergantung pada pilihan yg mau kita ambil, lo mau dateng apa ga nya,, td gw makan nasi goring special, yg lain jg makan dengan menu masing2.. smpet becanda2, poto2, nyela org, yaa kebiasaan2 masa muda lah, hehe!
Gw, yg emang suka nyela, merasa bebas lepas nyela temen2 gw. Adi ama dinda yang kbagian sial gw cela. Dinda emang pantes dicela, hahaha! Dia anaknya easy going bgt, jd ga punya keleluasaan yg lebih bwt nyela dia, krn gw ga takut utk nyinggung dia kan, nyinggung jg bodo amat sih sbnernya, hakhak! *piss din!* lagian sih dia yg ketua acara, eh dia yg datengnya lama, kan ngeselin, pake bilang bukan dia lah ketuanya, ah dasarr!! Gmn ga mau gw cela coba? Hohoho.. tp ya itu, smua nya dilewatin on a friendly way, ga ada maksud bwt ngejatohin. Makin ksini, kita pada umumnya (gw pd khususnya) makin sadar, kalo true friends itu, ga harus ktmu tiap detik, tiap jam, tiap hari.. kita mungkin aja ga ketmu for a long time, tp kualitas pertemuannya bner2 tinggi. Jd yg penting sbenrenya adalah ‘how good’, bukan ‘how many times’, betul tidaakk??

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