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bye, fast food.

Fast food is the food that you may eat at least once a week, isn’t that? And i think i used to eat fast food on my lunch times, on my spare times and other times which is necessity, or urgent. But since i have been disappointed with my recent medical record, i decide to stop. Stop eating any kind of fast food. The story began after i heard an explanation (from the doctor, of course) about the poor unwellness of my digest system. The hell digest system is not at its best condition. And it will be damaging if i don’t choose the food very carefully. My body needed an injection of nutrition, and I’ve already done it by taking some vitamins every day. And the next step is : decreasing the amount of fast food’s ingestion.

I was a little bit afraid of being dying, so then i decided to change my usual food. I didn’t give my best care to my health, i mean, i think i am too busy to finally have a diet programme, or everyday’s menu’s variety, or whatever it is. I just eat the food that i want to eat at that time without thinking about the nourishment, upkeep, and i take the calories (and how to burn it) as my first importunity. And why do i avoid fast food? The only reason is … because i can’t get anything from fast food, except not being hungry any longer.

Maybe i can share to you, the short-but-yet-scientific article about fast food. Fast food is the term that given to many items that can be prepared and served quickly. While any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be fast food, such as TV dinners, typically the term refers to food sold in a restaurant or store which is rapidly prepared and served to the customer in a packaged form for take away. The term “fast food” was recognized in a dictionary by Merriam-Webster in 1951.

A new study provides scientific evidence of what many have suspected for a long time: a diet which includes regular helpings of fast food makes people fat and increases their chances of developing diabetes. The study was conducted by researchers at several institutions. They tracked the dietary habits of about 3,000 young people for 15 years. It’s unlikely this study will prompt a sea change in eating habits. In fact, nothing short of a health problem would stop someone from eating fast food. Many health experts say the fast-food industry won’t change its menu items until those types of attitudes change. Many people already know fast food is unhealthy, but continue to eat it. People choose to eat fast food because it’s cheap and efficient. Although, the findings suggest that fast food as presently consumed can not always be part of a healthful lifestyle, but it is a way better if we prevent ourselves from eating fast food very often (you can click here and here if you want to search more info).

Rrrggh, talking about this, makes me sad, really. I’m too afraid of this sickness, but all i can do is facing it (besides living well and choosing some better eating choices). There are so many kind of healthy food i can consume, and it is no need to worry. i may miss the hamburgers, fried fries, fried chickens, or hot dogs, but it won’t ever kill me. 🙂



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3 movies on a same breath

My lecturer of adolescent psychology inquired me and other students to do the movie analysis .. The movies are related to teenagers/adolscents issues. It was not my first time doing that but he gave me different kind. He wanted me to put some theory-free analysis but still have no forget to put psychological basis statements there, not only a rubbish :D. Sad, I had to take 3 films and I thought that watching 3 films ain’t as nice as just a film, it made me nauseous. He gave us a list of those films, and finally I chose these 3 films :


this film should be boring, i guess. maybe because this tale of four young orphans coming of age in 1960s-era Australia. the year when your mom was born, haha. Soon after the quartet leaves the orphanage behind for a seaside holiday, rumors that one of them is about to be adopted lead to steadily rising tensions among the tightly knit group. The youngest ‘member’ of that peer group finally has been chosen to be adopted by the young couple which could no longer have a child after had a car crash.

the touching scene were the last part, where Misty (the youngest boy who has been chosen to be adopted) preferred staying on his peer group to moving to his new family. he said something that giving me such a slap to my cheek. i didn’t note the exact lines but i recognized it is all about love and belonging. That is, living our life will be more beautiful if we stay and breath with our loved ones. Family is not about ‘mother, father, brother, and sister’, family is all about love. Love is all about them. i wrote those lines on my paperwork, i hope those are yet describing how my eyes got widely opened by the film. And so the boredom brings not only a shit but also a lesson even more. 🙂


Gah, the popular one! Based on a classic story by William Shakespeare, i drove myself running this film. my lecturer has said, “sebaiknya jangan menonton film yang kalian sudah tonton sebelumnya, tetapi bila kalian memang ingin menonton, tonton dengan pandangan yang berbeda (better not to watch the film that you have watched before, but if you’re still so, watch it through with your different paradigm”. I did not really mind it because as too many assignments that i have to finish, there will be no need to complicate the existed one.

This film is too romantic, don’t you think?  R and J were too in love with each other. Worse, they were teenagers, often easy to be mad, to be agitated, and the oh-so-deep feeling came then ruined their life, gave them a death. Dead by love? It is kind of sacrifice maybe, average people say. But logically, it was stupefied.  But again, Logical thinking and feeling will never be unidirectional, somehow we find them in a different place. One is exact and the other is abstract. Love consists in both logical thinking and feeling, we can’t stand one of them alone. Yes we love our loved one(s), but, will ‘dead together in the edge of teenage’ be  acceptable to you? You have anything to point, guys.


i have as well caught this movie before, but i didn’t really remember the scene specifically. When i was writing about this movie, i fell asleep and tired is the only cause.

Billy, 11-year-old teenager who has lost his parent since he was a kid, was trying to learn ballet dance at his school. As he is a boy, ballet dance could and should be forbidden. He’s supposed to train his boxing ability, more than that girls’ after-school program. Later, ballet was not only becoming his interest, but also his dream, yeah it’s his dream. he tried harder and harder to be better on it. I watched some of the scenes defining that he did anything to learn ballet. he often hid from his nurturers (i forget what he usually calls them), because he knew that if they *nurturers* saw him ballet dancing, they would be totally in mad. what will people say if they know there is a boy with an interest in ballet dance? hihi..

We call it ‘classification’, or ‘stereotype’. Ballet dance has been classified by public as a feminine stuff (also with its pointe shoes, laces and bows, stockings, pinkish costumes). Most of ballet dancers are women, and men will be riskier if they join to women’s group/society than women in men’s group. actually it is unfair, but it’s not about fair or unfair, is it? it’s the end 😦 . Billy tried to break the ‘rule’ of man, he preferred achieve his dream and closed his ears to anything that sounds mocking. and i’m obviously with him, tend to get anything i want, anything i need and anything i’m dying to get. i will always praise all the suggestions, advices and supports, but not mocks, i’ll dump them. 🙂


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Reasons why I hate holiday

As we know, holiday will (always) be awaited by anyone who is busy with his or her tiring activities, including me and maybe you too. However, sometimes I feel like I need to escape from holiday because I’ll be so insecure when on a looongg holiday, like now. Several things argue for my claim; here they are if you’re interested to know. 🙂

1. Holiday plumps me out *or I’ll plump out myself on holiday*. I’m not a foodie, I’ll eat only if I’m hungry, but … my calories will be less burned than when I’m busy. It is so not good.. 😦 I’m thinking about fasting during the holiday. What do you think? Good idea, huh? No? Alternatively, how if I get a membership from the fitness center? Which one is better?

2. Holiday gives me palsy, lol. Do I need to give you further information about this? Less typing and studying than on busy days. Oh, I’m more inactive. Static. I look like a moron.

3. Holiday devastates my money, really!! I’m not a billionaire, but I act like I am so. Go shopping from mall to mall, become a shoppaholic, and If you do an inspection to my room, you’ll find some paper and plastic bags there. 4. Holiday makes me bored to death. Cycle of eat-sleep always tries to kill me, besides, I can’t go out everyday, I have to take care of my house and stay here at least 3 times a week. Shiiit, I don’t like staying at home for too long.

So, do you think my hatred is reasonable, or not? hihi.. somehow I really want to go back to college, being busy, enjoying some multitask, challenging my brain to solve the cases, otherwise I’d rather go sleep. Gah! Ohoo, it’s actually the only topic I want to talk, I have nothing to write. Besides, my cough syrup makes me sleepy, I need to close my eyes for a nap. See you guys, have a nice Monday. xoxo


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being rejected by lecturer

Hahahaha, WTF? Nevertheless, yes for real, my lecturer has rejected me this afternoon. I was absolutely in shock the moment after the rejection happened. It was my 1st time, being rejected, I have never been like that before. My mistake, I know. I was super tired yet after attended the field-study this morning. I went home after mentoring section was finished, took a roll of tobacco, after that, I lied my tired-body in bed, then I fell asleep *on sudden*. I got awake at 1, let myself prepared, then departed to atma. Another WTF, the traffic has got its jam, so umm.. I was late. Lius *my friend* told me in his text to stride quicker and  quiiick-eerrrr because the hilarious-American-Javanese-articulation of my lecturer was wounding their ears, especially for those who came late. I was wondering whether I could come or not, but still … I challenged myself to, with heartbeats and nerves. I opened the door and she said, “Sorry saya gak terima tuh..” *sorry I can’t accept you*. What the … hahahahaha! Hoo gosh, I felt like I’m a jerk student who deserves to be rejected, rejected with her sentiment.

Yea yea, I take this as an experience. Being rejected by a lecturer, a middle-age-and-single woman who dealing with her pre-menopause syndrome (hahahaha, hey I’m seriouuuss!), haa it’s so funneeeh.

The latent message I can get : don’t be a sentimental while on a pre-menopause syndrome. It’s not really good for people around you. LOL.



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being lazy on the early May

Hell’o People, how are ya? Good? Excellent!! 🙂 I’m fine too but not that fine. I think I should declare that I got very much absences of attending my classes this week. And I think this week is my laziest week, baaahahaha!

On Monday : I have a class at 9 every Monday, and on this Monday, I woke up at 8.40 (my fault, I know!) and at the same time, I did disappointment to my friends (my 3 teammates). I should have given a presentation about mood disorders. We were not presenters actually, we’re revisers that have a task to meliorate their (presenters) paper-work, a way better than what they’ve already done, maybe we put some trustable theories; add various researches or case examples of that disorder. Bloody shit, I woke up late that morning (8.40, did I tell you firstly? LOL. I’m not proud!) Caused by being-late-to-go-sleeping and I could not reach a REM sleep along the night. My body has been fucking killing me since Last Saturday, and you know when we’re sick, there will be a phase where we can’t sleep as good as when we’re fine, and I was on that phase. I felt like my head is whirling confoundedly, my body divided into the pieces, and I can’t breathe easily. *roaring gratingly*  fiuuh, what a day?!

On Tuesday : Things were going well, i felt. I had a class at 7 (and i was not late). just a half of students came (or maybe only a few).  Many of my classmates had a data intake with their subject. they were countenanced by my lecturer to not-coming to the class. i have had it on Sunday.  In the afternoon, i had some feedbacks from my lecturer about my experimental research’s proposal, and the deadline (to finish it until it’s really reaaalllyy finished) will be on 25th – 29th of  May. OMG!!!

On Wednesday : I was still sick. I couldn’t get my body’s up, although my eyes were just opened widely. I sent a text message to my friend telling her that I couldn’t and wouldn’t come. Then I fell asleep. Thank God it was a good sleep. At that sleeping time, I could reach my REM sleep. I promised myself not to be late or absent tomorrow. It’s not good for my uni life.

On Thursday : I did GOOD. Hahahaa. I came on time, although there was no class because my lecturer wanted to hear our experience about being a counselor. I haven’t met my counselee (client) yet, actually my first day being a counselor will be on next Monday (pray for me, guys! :D), so I kept the silence and listened to them (my friends). They have such a commendable experience to share (to learn, of course). So many children (or teenagers) have various unfortunate lives.  But only a couple of things we can do to help them. Even worse, the only person who can help them is they. *is it worse, or inevitable? or both? or not any thing?*

On Friday : another late waking up hahahah!. I’ve got a sleeping problem (agaiinn), and I cursed my sickness harshly. Umm.. But I gave heed to my MOW (clinical interview methodology for diagnosis, blablablaaa..) class, and next week I’ll have a presentation. Ew! After a class, I had a fun meeting with my friends. My peer group when I was on a high school. They were terribly boosting my mood to the highest (read : super happy, euphoric, larger-than-life).

I recognize what has just happened this week, and then I spontaneously laugh. “Poor me”, me said silently. I had to battle with some bastard-ing conditions that run simultaneously and make me feel dumb as well. However, I thank God. 😀


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chewing gum and memory

Hello all, well how was your week? It’s almost a week since my last post. Yeah this is my mid semester test weeks; I have to abandon my blog and my other guilty pleasures. (But, Own a blog isn’t a kind of guilty pleasure, is it?)

Now I’m googling to seek many theories about my experimental (kind) assignment. It’s boring and interesting at the same time. My experiment is standing under the construct of memory. Why I use memory for my construct? Because memory is capable to be measured, and it has its own standardization, so we don’t need to make any standard score., they have made it already. My team (has 5 personnel include me) and I decided to have a research problem: Do chewing gum have any influences to the short term memory?. For me it’s not really exciting, but yet I’m excited, hahaha! The fundamental reason is that we have already found the phenomenon at my faculty, describes about the condition, which is demanding the students to have a good memory, in order to store and/or recall all the lessons, especially at the 1st year studying. So many theories we need to know them on exact.

gumkitty enjoys the gum, hahah!

Nah, I have just read about the theory of memory, telling that chewing gum may improve our memory. If your cognitive skills are not at their best, you may just need a stick of gum to boost your brain power. Research at the University of Northumbria and the Cognitive Research Unit in Reading, England, shows that the repetitive chewing motion positively influences thinking, memory, and other mental tasks. *sigh* Andrew Scholey of the University’s Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit presented his team’s findings at the 2001 British Psychological Society’s annual conference in Blackpool. He explained that “the mild increase in heart rate may improve the delivery of oxygen and glucose to the brain, enough to improve cognitive function.”. Additionally, chewing gum induces a surge of insulin due to the mouth watering in anticipation of a meal. “It is known that there are insulin receptors in areas of the brain important for learning and memory,” Scholey said.

Then what are we going to do with this jerky research? We ascertain the accuracy and reliability of this theory when it demonstrates practically (don’t forget that theory and practice are not that determined and alike, they may change, they may be different). The experiment will have 30-40 samples from my faculty, and they will be sorted into 2 groups. Each group will have the different treatment. Group A will chew a gum, and group B will not. Both of those groups will have a task to remember a phrase, or few rhymes of poetry (we’ll choose which task is better, as soon as we need, ahaah!). After remembering (and storing into their memory), they have to fill in the blank, about the poetry or the phrase that they’ve already remembered. Hope with this experiment, we really find it out then.

This is my 1st time doing an experiment. I’m both curious and anxious. =((((

PS : if you want to learn more about chewing gum and memory, you can click this site, or this.


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glad to see you again here.. =)

Hello folks, how are you doing there? I’m now on wordpress, my blog on is no longer updated, I can’t sign in (means I can’t do posting), but I still can open my blog without sign in though. I don’t even know what the wrong is. I’ve tried to sign in at other laptops but no differences. The worst is, I can’t import my posts from blogger to wordpress, so I feel like I have a new blog, hmm.. but it doesn’t really matter, anything may go wrong and have some errors, so yeaah, transferring my blog to this site is no way problem. =)

Finally I meet Saturday, and Saturdays are always relaxing me, after 5 days with full of occupations, assignments, and hard thoughts, then on Saturdays, I have not to do them. Thank you, Saturday! I’m thinking to have a good nap, because I only slept for about 4 hours per day in the past 3 days, I’m afraid of being sick because on the next 2 weeks I’ll have my mid semester test. I’m estimating I’ll do a hard work for this mid, the take home tests are so difficult and tiring, and so the writing tests. If I’m sick, I’ll lose my effort to do good, and I don’t want to lose anything at the moment. I’m now on an ambition to increase my GPA. Sicknesses in any form are not excused presently.

Ah shit, my eyes can’t compromise, I’m going to take a nap, I don’t want to be late to meet my friends tonight, I think I’ll go sleep for 3 hours then wake up and prepare for Saturday night. Have a great weekend, all.. I’ll write again tonight or after I get up.. bye!

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