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awards from igna and u-ung

woaah i have 3 awards in one time, thank you thank you thaaank you friends! *kisses

first award comes from Igna


the Rules :

1. put the logo

2. put the link of the blog who has given you this award

3. give this award to those 10 people who are friendly and inspiring, put their blog’s link also.

4. tell them you’ve given this award by leave a message on their blog.

the second award (which has the similar rules) comes from U-ung


and the last award comes from her too..


i have to put my bad habits into a list, here they are :

1. moody

2. too-hard thinking

3. smoking

4. sometimes i become to indecisive person

5. pessimistic

i give theses awards to : audrey, boot, ella, ippa, meyriska, karin, priska, tika, vanessa, and wahyu ..



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(Honest Scrap) Award From Nitia

Hello again, people.. woohoo I’m back, I always feel glad when I write things, because I know I can’t do it that often on weekdays. College, yeah what else?

Anyway guys, I got a honest scrap award from my friend, Nitia, I thanked by giving her a smooch, hihi..


The Rules :

The Honest Scrap award comes with a caveat or two.

Firstly, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true.  Secondly, you have to tag 10 people with the award.

My 10 uncensored things you may not know are :

1.  I wish I could have a harp, own harp, and present some on-stage performances with playing harp, but I think it won’t come true, harps are having a high-enough level of difficulty, and too expensive to buy for an amateur harpist like me. I adore Maya Hasan (a local harpist from my country) and Julia Thornton (a harpist from Atlanta), I’ve seen Hasan’s performance 3 times, and I was amazed all over again.

2.  I love women. Women are beautiful, in every single way. Their body, their face, their hair, their maternal behaviors, kind-heart, I don’t care whether they are feminine, masculine or androgyny, all same. I’m proud to be a woman and I’ll fight for women’s life someday. Humans cannot stay alive and breathe if there are no women. Loving women doesn’t mean I’m a Lez girl, hahaha.. (Although sexual orientation *homo, hetero, bi* is now a way to choose)

3.  Recently, I really love shopping. I’ve already bought 2 pairs of shoes, some tops, jackets, books, and now I’m craving for a pair of broken-white sneakers.. 😉

4.  I have been struggling with some family problems since don’t know when. My parents have divorced when I was 12, and living in a broken home family is not that easy (but we’re going to be fine, no need to hyperbolize). My mom and dad are not (and would never be) good parental caregivers. They are too busy to think about their grownup children and as the time goes by, I don’t really need their quality times, I just need their trust. Really!

5.  (Correlated with and caused by thing above) I admit myself being independent. My mum indulged me in order to be an independent person who not hanging her life on a man, or other people. She often says (either directly or indirectly), “stand on your feet, don’t beg, don’t be pampered, you’re not a baby anymore. Go working and there’s no time to be lazy!”, and her lines are driving me enough not to have any form of dependence.

6.  I’m now in love with someone, hahahaha.. He’s my senior at high school, and oh my gosh, he’s so good looking and such a kind person! Wish me luck, hahahah!

7.  I love collecting lingerie from several famous brands. There’s nothing guiltier than spending my unacceptable amount of money to buy lingerie, when apparently I need that money to pay my outbound fee, to buy some college books, and to repair my hand phone. Doh! (I’m sorry mum, dad!)

8.  I’m a number one fan of ice cream and chocolate. When will I have my own ice cream factory?

9.  I can’t ride a bicycle. I have a traumatic event with bicycle, and after that event, I have never tried to ride again. I think I forget how to ride, haha!

10.  I can’t leave my house without wearing my pink blush on. My cheeks are chubby and I’m not really glad to it. I cover my chubby-cheeks with blush on. Besides, I think blush on (and lipstick) is the easiest makeup to use.

I think now I have to pee. Hahahaha, hey it’s an uncensored!! Ok now I’m tagging : Neno, Sherryta, U-ung, Audrey Gabriella, Ayu, and everyone who getting interested to do this homework..  Bye all, mwah! =)


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awards from several friends

first, i’m so sorry for being late to post, guys.. and thank you so much for these awards, mean that u’re still remembering me, ahahahaha! mwah! first and second award come from neno, thank you neno, you’ll get older soon, hahahaha! *think about the birthday cake!*

the rules are :

* Put the logo in your post.
* Write 5 things you are passionate about aside from blogging.
* Tag 5 people on your lists and let them know you tagged them.

5 things I’m passionately enjoying beside blogging:

  1. sleeping!!!! Hahahaha, but I’m serious, I haven’t got enough good-sleep for the past 3 weeks, I think I need to have it then, to recharge my energy, and not to being weak, the only way is sleeping!
  2. Having around together with friends. Friends are amazing, aren’t they? They can impulsively change your mood; they all know how to enlighten our life.
  3. Reading book. That’s the best way to kill my loneliness and boredom.
  4. diagnosing patients, hahaha! Shit, I’m just contaminated with all college stuff, need to diagnose everyday makes me finally in love with diagnostic thingy. Good good good, that’s good for my GPA then..
  5. making sets on polyvore. Another way to kill my time. But I’m now rarely as I’m busy. Hhhh!

the rules of the second award :

  • The Blogger manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervades amongst different cultures and beliefs.
  • The Blog contents inspire; strives to encourage and offers solutions.
  • There is a clear purpose at the Blog; one that fosters a better understanding on Social, Political, Economic, the Arts, Culture and Sciences and Beliefs.
  • The Blog is refreshing and creative.
  • The Blogger promotes friendship and positive thinking.

and the last award comes from Helena, Qent and Neno, muah muah thank you all!

Here are the rules of the award:
• Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.
• Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
• Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
• Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.
• Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

the (only) reason why i love blogging : because i can share anything here, my thoughts, my feelings, my assertiveness, anything!!! i can improve my capability of writing as well.

okay, i’ve finished, i’m going to tag everyone who put my link on their blog. feel free to grab them guys, these are for you!


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homework from Brigadista

<!– /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-parent:””; margin:0in; margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:12.0pt; font-family:”Times New Roman”; mso-fareast-font-family:”Times New Roman”;} @page Section1 {size:8.5in 11.0in; margin:1.0in 1.25in 1.0in 1.25in; mso-header-margin:.5in; mso-footer-margin:.5in; mso-paper-source:0;} div.Section1 {page:SectionAlmost 10 days without blog-writing, makes my blog has less visitors, well at least makes me think like that =(. my college has been started, and this semester will be busier than last semester, I’m now on minor, I’ve decided to take clinical psychology as my minor, and that minor is always labeled as the busiest minor. Huff, but it’s a consequence, I know.

Okay, the next 3 posts will be a homework and/or award post. The first homework comes from brigadista.

Here are the rules:

1. Take a recent photo of yourself OR take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW

2. DON’T change your clothes. DON’T fix your hair, just take a picture

3. Post that picture with NO editing

4. Post this instruction with your picture

5. Tag 10 people to do this.

lets see the photo, please don’t laugh,, =D

This is my recent photo which taken on my birthday. That photo describes when I sliced the cake with smile, hahaha. My friends laughed over me when they looked me. They said, “What a narcissistic!”, then laughed out loud.

Brigadista also gave me award for free, here’s the award.. (cute doggy, LOL)

Now I’m tagging:







and anyone who gets interested with this homework, lets do it!!

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Awards from Helena

i’d like to thank Helena for these awards. man, she gave me 2, wooow!! (thank you my dear!)

the rules:
first: put this logo on your blog.
second: answer these questions below :

1. what is your main reason to make a blog?
2. whose blog that visit first after you make your own blog?
3. tag 5 people you visit often!

i’m answering :
1. i’ve no specific reason to make a blog, just an impulsive thought, as usual, LOL. i love writing and wondered why i don’t make a blog, that would help to train my skill (nobody will know his/her ability to do something if she/he doesn’t (want to) explore it more) and entertain myself with that kind of hobby (writing). so my main reason must be : an impulsive thought drives me to have a blog and i’ve stimulated by the pressure.

2. oh shit i’ve forgotten, swear i can’t remember whose blog i visited first after i made it.

3. i’m tagging : Febri, danisha, Diana ang, Audrey, and Priska, because i wanna know their answers. =)

and the second award is :

*bilingual mode : on* LOL.

the rules:
first: pajang award ini d blog anda
second: beri judul the uniqe award d postingan
third: jawab pertanyaan berikut ini

1. benda unik apa yg lo punya ?
2. apakah elo mengoleksi benda benda unik ? kalo iya apa saja ?
3. apa penyebab elo bisa membuat dan mempunyai blog unik seperti ini?

my answers’ :
1. mm, let me remember, i think i don’t have any unique materials, yeah sure, i don’t have!!!

2. as what i’ve said, i don’t have any, but yes for collection, i have some books from an author named Virginia Woolf. very unusual for us, because just a few people know her. she was suffering a psychotic disorder, i have diagnosed her for my 5th semester’s assignment, and in my diagnosis, she had schizophrenia disorder, it has completed with hallucination (which is the main symptom of schizos). people with hallucination always have an extraordinary fantasy/imagination to their world, and her books are written with all of her hallucination, and what an unbelieveable, those are amazing-hallucinated-books, oh wow! that’s why i claimed these as my unique things i’ve collected.

my woolf’s books. i only have 3, she has written maybe 5 or 6,
but they’re not published in Indonesia,
or i don’t know if i miss them, i’ve hunted them, from gramedia,
ak’sa’ra, kinokuniya, QB, tapi ga ada, dodol!!

3. ???? unik? dr mana uniknya yah? i don’t think i have a unique blog, i think my blog is such a diary for me.. =)

urusan tagging, siapa ya? same with above aja laah!! happy writing, mmuah! LOL.

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award from Priska

gw dapet award again, n again, waah makasiih.. kali ini si priska yg ngasih (thanks baby!)..

the rules :

  1. Each blogger must post this rules:
  2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habit about themselves
  3. Blogger that are tagged need write about their own blog their ten things and post these rules.
  4. You need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
  5. Don’t forget to leave them comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog

waah, 10 random facts ya? duh apaan yak? yaudah gw pikir2 dulu,
*setelah mikir* dan inilah fakta2nyaa..

1. i have a light skin and i’m proud of it.

thank God gw punya kulit putih yg walaupun suka kliatan agak pucet (putih2 kuning langsat gitu, bukan putih yg ngepink) tapi sering membantu gw dalam berpenampilan. gw ga perlu ribet2 lagi nyari warna baju (or accessories) yg cocok buat gw, and ga perlu heboh lg klo di bawah sinar matahari krn paling jg ntar balik lg putihnya. gw juga seneng klo ada seseorang (dengan maksud positif dan TIDAK disertai pikiran2 penuh birahi atau kesirikan) muji kulit putih gw. makin kemari gw makin concerned dengan kulit gw, yaa perawatan simple aja kayak lotion, lulur, sun/UV protect juga minum air putih at least 8 glasses/day (klo ini mungkin utk mencerahkan, bukan mutihin), karena utk hal ini, gw bersyukur bgt Tuhan udah ngasih gw kulit putih, dan gw akan ngejaga itu..

2. i’m addicted to books a lot.

gw sukaaaa bgt baca buku, dan beli buku (maksudnya kan ada yg suka baca tp dia lebih sering spend their time at library atau lebih suka minjem2 aja). gw kalo udah ke toko buku, pasti kalap deh, cuma Tuhan yg bisa menahan gw untuk ga beli buku, hahahaha! lebay! gw pernah tuh, waktu ke kinokuniya (my fave bookstore beside gramedia), belanja buku ampe bangkrut, hahaha, dan gw ga nyesel sm skali.. ya secara i love reading, mau buku indonesia apa english, asal critanya bagus (klo gw lebih suka fiction romance, related-to-psychology-but-not-modern-psy books, ama fiction fantasy macemnya harry potter gitu, tapi klo ada yg bagus lg jg hajaar) gw pasti beli deh, hoo.. gw punya banyak koleksi buku, yg ada di rak di kamar gw sih kurang dr 100, krn sempit dan terbatasnya rak buku, makanya terpaksa gw titip di rak buku nyokap gw, hahaha! *nyusahin*

ini beberapa koleksi buku yg ada di rak buku kamar gw,
nyokap udah tidur n ga mungkin gw masuk kamar dia
cuma buat foto2 rak buku doang,
makanya ga bs gw foto yg dikamar dia, haha!

3. i love my twin brother so much although we always fight while bad mood.
waah kalo dia baca, mungkin dia GR nih, hihi, sudahlah.. gw sayang banget ama kembaran gw. FYI, kita bener2 kembar loh, dyzigotical twins (twins from 2 different eggs), makanya jd cewek cowok kembarnya, dan klo diperatiin (liat foto yg di bawah deh), dia terlihat begitu besar dan gw begitu mungil, hahaha.. banyak orang yg KAGUM ngeliat kita bdua, biasanya tanggepan orang, “ah masa sih kembar? kok cewek cowok?” (dasar bodoh, mana gw tau bisa cwe cowo???), “wah kembar tp beda banget yaa?” (ya iyalah, klo badan gw segede dia and tinggi gw setinggi dia, bisa kabur cowo2 yg ngedketin gw krn serem!!), atau malah, “kok sarah putih tp dia item yaa?” (ya klo putih dua2nya udah kayak duo pocong dong!!). sbenernya udah kesel bgt dengerin pertanyaan2 yg ‘biologis’ ky gitu, nanya tu apaa kek, yg lebih keren..
gw sering bgt brantem ama dia, mm,, mungkin adu argumen ya namanya, eh tp bentak2an juga sering sih, dan lebih sering berantemnya itu kalo lg sama2 capek, wah udah deh, bahayaa. gw juga suka ngerasa muak dengan bad habitsnya dia (ada lah beberapa kebiasaan dia yg gw benci bgt), tapi walaupun begitu, jauuuh dr hati terdalam gw, gw sayang ama dia. gw ga mau dia pergi dari gw. he’s my real-actual- soulmate, body-mate, or the other kind of mates lah. perasaan itu mungkin ga bisa gw jelasin, n ga bisa dirasain sama kamu2 yg bukan kembar, tapi i hope u understand how i feel. in every breath i take, i just pray for him, for something good(s) that i wish he’ll has/do someday.. =)
i love u, twin bro.. even more than that u’ve known now..

this is me, with him.. yes, we’re different,
but every human has the differences with another human!!!

rambutnya skarang digimbal ama dia..

4. i like to hug and be hugged, hihi..
gw bingung dah mau ngasih narasi apaan, haha.. ya gw cuma suka aja meluk orang (yg gw sayang n care about lah, ga sembarangan orang juga gw peluk!), menurut gw itu enak n tulus aja.. sadar atau ga, kita bisa ‘ngeluarin’ bermacam2 ekspresi dengan pelukan, seneng, sedih, bahkan marah jg bisa ‘dikurangin’ dengan sebuah pelukan. gw pernah baca artikel, yg isinya kira2 ngejelasin kalo sebuah sentuhan fisik berupa pelukan/rangkulan, itu bisa membuat kondisi mental kita lebih baik dan merasa ‘dipedulikan’. i feel warm when i’m hugging or being hugged..

5. i smoke sampoerna mild and dont like another cigs.

haah, i cant believe i’m telling you guys about my asshole-bad habit, smoking. oke, tapi bukan itu yg jd point of view gw skrng. jadi tuh, gw kalo ngerokok cuma suka 1 brand doang, sampoerna mild (MERAH, bukan yg menthol), dan gw ga suka merk yg lain. gw udah coba2in beberapa brand lain (dari company yg lain juga), tp ga ada yg enak di gw, ga tau deh knapa. gw udah ngeroko dari kelas 1 SMA, dan from that time till now, gw ga pernah ganti rokok dalam long-term-using.. aaargh, i love sampoerna so much, mmmuaaah!

kissing my sampoerna, ahahaha! *sinting!*

6. i wanna go far away from home, SOON!!!!
i took a deep breath first before i write this part.. yeah, i’m depressed at home. thats all. i wanna go away, build my life with my own way, not be disturbed and i promise i won’t disturb everyone. ah gila gw udah cape banget dengan semua yg terjadi di rumah gw. teriakan, kemarahan, caci maki yg tiap malem gw dengar (ya terserahlah itu mau buat siapa caci makinya, tetep aja gw yg punya kuping ini bisa denger), bener2 bikin kuping (dan hati) gw sakit. gw pengen cepet2 lulus kuliah, nyari duit sndiri, trus cabut deh. gw ga harus ngebuat MEREKA repot2 lagi nyari duit ampe capek buat ngebiayain gw. i really need freedom, now n then. i’m waiting for that moment, in which i can step my feet away from the hell named house.. *semangat sar, 2 tahun lagiii!*

7. i’m easy to cry, easier than to yell.

gw SUKA nangis. nangis membuat gw lega, (setelah) nangis juga membuat otak gw bisa berpikir lebih baik. nangis membuat gw capek, dan akhirnya gw tidur (for relaxing). di saat marah pun gw suka nangis. gw sama skali ga peduli orang mau bilang gw cengeng (ya suka2 lo, lo punya hak kok buat ngomong). nangis gak ada hubungannya ama cengeng. orang yg cengeng, buat gw, ga harus suka nangis, dan org yg nangis mulu, ga mesti dia cengeng. nangis adalah ekspresi dari sebuah (atau beberapa buah) emosi yg kita rasain. nangis adalah hak setiap orang. masalah bukan tergantung ama nangisnya, tapi lebih kepada apa yg akan lo lakuin setelah lo nangis. diem aja gitu? atau justru feel better trus jd bisa berpikir untuk mencari sebuah jalan keluar buat masalah lo? yaa itu sih terserah si individunya aja.. (hidup punya kita ini, nangis ga ngelanggar hukum, ga dosa juga, tenang aja lah)

8. i’m a perfectionist lady, and miss matching.

yup, too true, hihi.. gw selalu ngelakuin apa aja nyariiis sempurna (because none’s perfect, man!!!), ampe titik darah penghabisan (duuailaah!) juga gw jabanin dah! mulai dari paper gw yg ga boleh ada miss-spelling, ampe cara berpakaian gw yg pengen slalu matching (ini dia yg namanya miss matching!). gw pernah tuh ngeprint ulang paper gw cuma gara2 ada ksalahan apaa gitu gw lupa, rela aku relaaa. gw juga pernah marahin temen sekelompok gw karena dia ngetik hasil analisisnya dia banyak salah2, iiih sebel!!

9. i don’t like horror movies, whoever the ghost is
jadi jangan pernah ngajak gw nonton film horror, ampe doraemon punya sayap juga ga bakalan gw terima ajakanmu nak.. *serius!* mau kayak apa juga bentuk hantunya, males banget!! cuma bikin ngantuk doang.. (maaf ya buat yg suka film horror, ini asli subjektif!)

i don’t think about marriage now as i’m still 20.
ntar2an aja lah mikirin nikah, males gilaa. nikah buat gw adalah sebuah hal yang menuntut perubahan besar dalam hidup gw. menikah brarti siap untuk berkorban, dan sebuah pengorbanan gak akan sukses lo lakuin kalo dengan terpaksa. pengorbanan harus dilakuin dengan akal sehat, ikhlas dan gak mengharapkan apa2 kecuali sesuatu hal yang lebih baik untuk hidup kita ke depannya. gw masih muda, coy! yaa emang udah kepala 2 sih, tapi buat keluar rumah aja gw belum bisa, trus mau nikah? NO WAY. ga mentang2 gw mau kluar rumah trus jalan keluarnya dengan gw married, itu namanya pelarian, boss! menikah bukan pelarian, menikah adalah kebahagiaan. satu hal lagi, menikah adalah hak, bukan kewajiban. hak lo mau nikah umur berapa, mau nikah ama siapa, dan mau nikah atau ngga, asal sadar konsekuensi aja, dan harus ada pembuktian, bahwa dengan pilihan lo, lo bisa menjadi orang yg lebih dihargai dan terpandang..

gw disuruh ngetag 10 org, tapi bingung mau ngetag siapa,, gini aja deh, buat temen2 bloggers yg berminat sama award ini, bisa bilang ama gw (mau lewat komen atau shoutbox), ntar gw tag lo, sumpah gw tag!! hahaha! 10 orang doang nih, anyone interested???


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award from evil-in-me

Award dr mutya si evil-in-me

1. Sebutkan penyanyi pop favoritmu:
banyak laaah.. umm, FERGIE, is she in pop’s label?

2. Apa arti EMO dari menurutmu:
EMO itu salah satu jenis aliran musik (yaiyaalah!) hardcore punk atau bisa juga pop punk, suka2 band nya aja mau kemana,, *udah ngejawab blm?*

3. Setujukah jika dangdut go-International:
dangdut udah go-int’l dr jaman roma irama dulu deh kyanya.. gw ga tau2 amat sih, cuma yg gw tau, banyak penyanyi2 dangdut kita yg karya nya udah mulai diterima di mancanegara. ya gw sih stuju2 aja, slama ga bikin malu bangsa sndiri dengan atitude2 yg ga berpendidikan yg jelas2 malu2in..

4. Koleksi album apa yang kamu miliki? Ada berapa?
buseet, banyaklaah.. albumnya fergie, umm,, coldplay, ampe nirvana jg gw punya..

5. Mengapa musik metal selalu teriak teriak (scream)?
soalnya klo nangis ntar org2 yg denger pada bingung, trus finally mereka bilang ama si personil band rock nya, “mas2, serem2 kok cengeng sih?”

sebarkan ini ke 7 org :


yo2, slamat ber-award yak! bye guys!!


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