bye, fast food.

Fast food is the food that you may eat at least once a week, isn’t that? And i think i used to eat fast food on my lunch times, on my spare times and other times which is necessity, or urgent. But since i have been disappointed with my recent medical record, i decide to stop. Stop eating any kind of fast food. The story began after i heard an explanation (from the doctor, of course) about the poor unwellness of my digest system. The hell digest system is not at its best condition. And it will be damaging if i don’t choose the food very carefully. My body needed an injection of nutrition, and I’ve already done it by taking some vitamins every day. And the next step is : decreasing the amount of fast food’s ingestion.

I was a little bit afraid of being dying, so then i decided to change my usual food. I didn’t give my best care to my health, i mean, i think i am too busy to finally have a diet programme, or everyday’s menu’s variety, or whatever it is. I just eat the food that i want to eat at that time without thinking about the nourishment, upkeep, and i take the calories (and how to burn it) as my first importunity. And why do i avoid fast food? The only reason is … because i can’t get anything from fast food, except not being hungry any longer.

Maybe i can share to you, the short-but-yet-scientific article about fast food. Fast food is the term that given to many items that can be prepared and served quickly. While any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be fast food, such as TV dinners, typically the term refers to food sold in a restaurant or store which is rapidly prepared and served to the customer in a packaged form for take away. The term “fast food” was recognized in a dictionary by Merriam-Webster in 1951.

A new study provides scientific evidence of what many have suspected for a long time: a diet which includes regular helpings of fast food makes people fat and increases their chances of developing diabetes. The study was conducted by researchers at several institutions. They tracked the dietary habits of about 3,000 young people for 15 years. It’s unlikely this study will prompt a sea change in eating habits. In fact, nothing short of a health problem would stop someone from eating fast food. Many health experts say the fast-food industry won’t change its menu items until those types of attitudes change. Many people already know fast food is unhealthy, but continue to eat it. People choose to eat fast food because it’s cheap and efficient. Although, the findings suggest that fast food as presently consumed can not always be part of a healthful lifestyle, but it is a way better if we prevent ourselves from eating fast food very often (you can click here and here if you want to search more info).

Rrrggh, talking about this, makes me sad, really. I’m too afraid of this sickness, but all i can do is facing it (besides living well and choosing some better eating choices). There are so many kind of healthy food i can consume, and it is no need to worry. i may miss the hamburgers, fried fries, fried chickens, or hot dogs, but it won’t ever kill me. 🙂



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4 responses to “bye, fast food.

  1. nee

    yang kmaren kamu cek ke dokter gata-gara ini ya?
    so you will stop eating fast food at all?
    harus di tiru nih… tapi kayaknya aku ga bisa total berenti makan fastfood.. toh hariannya aja aku makan jarang yang berbau fastfood…
    terus quakeroatmeal masuk fast food ga ya sar? (unsure)

  2. hey deaar! well you can do that, u knw last year i stopped eat all that junk. lol and i can survive. no junk food and no sodas for almost a year. but now when i move here in melb, everythings change.. haha you knw sometimes as a student, live by own self, we sometimes lazy to cook and yeah things like that.. i still trying to stop it again, but do knw, well.. good luck for you, i know you can :))

  3. What a nice move! Memang kita mestinya ngurangin makan fast food, selain karena fast food mengandung banyak Natrium (yang kalau kebanyakan bisa bikin tekanan darah tinggi), berhenti makan fast food juga bisa bikin kita makin langsing, hehehe.

    By the way, kak sarah, Helena udah pindah alamat blog jadi ke

    Jangan lupa mampir ya 🙂

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