3 movies on a same breath

My lecturer of adolescent psychology inquired me and other students to do the movie analysis .. The movies are related to teenagers/adolscents issues. It was not my first time doing that but he gave me different kind. He wanted me to put some theory-free analysis but still have no forget to put psychological basis statements there, not only a rubbish :D. Sad, I had to take 3 films and I thought that watching 3 films ain’t as nice as just a film, it made me nauseous. He gave us a list of those films, and finally I chose these 3 films :


this film should be boring, i guess. maybe because this tale of four young orphans coming of age in 1960s-era Australia. the year when your mom was born, haha. Soon after the quartet leaves the orphanage behind for a seaside holiday, rumors that one of them is about to be adopted lead to steadily rising tensions among the tightly knit group. The youngest ‘member’ of that peer group finally has been chosen to be adopted by the young couple which could no longer have a child after had a car crash.

the touching scene were the last part, where Misty (the youngest boy who has been chosen to be adopted) preferred staying on his peer group to moving to his new family. he said something that giving me such a slap to my cheek. i didn’t note the exact lines but i recognized it is all about love and belonging. That is, living our life will be more beautiful if we stay and breath with our loved ones. Family is not about ‘mother, father, brother, and sister’, family is all about love. Love is all about them. i wrote those lines on my paperwork, i hope those are yet describing how my eyes got widely opened by the film. And so the boredom brings not only a shit but also a lesson even more. 🙂


Gah, the popular one! Based on a classic story by William Shakespeare, i drove myself running this film. my lecturer has said, “sebaiknya jangan menonton film yang kalian sudah tonton sebelumnya, tetapi bila kalian memang ingin menonton, tonton dengan pandangan yang berbeda (better not to watch the film that you have watched before, but if you’re still so, watch it through with your different paradigm”. I did not really mind it because as too many assignments that i have to finish, there will be no need to complicate the existed one.

This film is too romantic, don’t you think?  R and J were too in love with each other. Worse, they were teenagers, often easy to be mad, to be agitated, and the oh-so-deep feeling came then ruined their life, gave them a death. Dead by love? It is kind of sacrifice maybe, average people say. But logically, it was stupefied.  But again, Logical thinking and feeling will never be unidirectional, somehow we find them in a different place. One is exact and the other is abstract. Love consists in both logical thinking and feeling, we can’t stand one of them alone. Yes we love our loved one(s), but, will ‘dead together in the edge of teenage’ be  acceptable to you? You have anything to point, guys.


i have as well caught this movie before, but i didn’t really remember the scene specifically. When i was writing about this movie, i fell asleep and tired is the only cause.

Billy, 11-year-old teenager who has lost his parent since he was a kid, was trying to learn ballet dance at his school. As he is a boy, ballet dance could and should be forbidden. He’s supposed to train his boxing ability, more than that girls’ after-school program. Later, ballet was not only becoming his interest, but also his dream, yeah it’s his dream. he tried harder and harder to be better on it. I watched some of the scenes defining that he did anything to learn ballet. he often hid from his nurturers (i forget what he usually calls them), because he knew that if they *nurturers* saw him ballet dancing, they would be totally in mad. what will people say if they know there is a boy with an interest in ballet dance? hihi..

We call it ‘classification’, or ‘stereotype’. Ballet dance has been classified by public as a feminine stuff (also with its pointe shoes, laces and bows, stockings, pinkish costumes). Most of ballet dancers are women, and men will be riskier if they join to women’s group/society than women in men’s group. actually it is unfair, but it’s not about fair or unfair, is it? it’s the end 😦 . Billy tried to break the ‘rule’ of man, he preferred achieve his dream and closed his ears to anything that sounds mocking. and i’m obviously with him, tend to get anything i want, anything i need and anything i’m dying to get. i will always praise all the suggestions, advices and supports, but not mocks, i’ll dump them. 🙂



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  1. mampir mau ngucapin selamat berpuasa, dan menyambut bentar lagi hari raya… cheers

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