Batam-Singapore trip

Have been abstain from my blog for a month is not because I don’t care about my blog, but.. I have nothing to write. I was too enjoying my holiday. It was running really fast, and my lecture waits me on the morrow. Rrgh, do I have to attend a class again, ma’am, sir? I want another holiday, ahahah, enough! Be lazy in my whole life isn’t my plan to get any better future.

I spent my holiday in many ways. Went shopping, went to Batam Island visiting my daddy, got some sleep, finished to build a plan to my next semester (like um.. meet my academic guidance lecturer to make a deal, approval, payment, and some other things). I’ve planned to cut my hair but it has not yet accomplished ahaha. I want to let my hair long, longer, and longer.

Anywaaay, I have experienced so many things during my holiday. The most important thing could be when I had a fight with mum. The trigger was my maid’s mistake. I didn’t know if she was too idiot. I’m too sick of it so err.. I won’t tell the details here. One thing, it made me crying all day and night, even when I prayed, and after I prayed, i felt like I got an insight that drive me to show mum that I’m not like what she has judged before. And do you know, it has successfully shown! Due to my pain, I decided to go to Batam (as I have said you). After the ‘hurly burly’ (hahah) appeared, I phoned my dad, I told him the complete story, and I asked him to book me a ticket to Batam (because I don’t know how to book a ticket, dumb me, hahaha!). I had so much fun in Batam, it’s a beautiful city, it has so many beaches, so many peaceful spots to relax, and truly, I always enjoy myself when I get attached by nature. I love nature. 🙂  I added some of my pictures but unfortunately, I left my pictures when at beach. Those are on my dad’s camera, I forgot to transfer them to CD or flash disk. Ah!

I also spent my 12 hours of time to visit Singapore. Just for shopping, yes. My daddy and I took a second sail, and then arrived at Singapore 2 hours later.

me and daddy in the cruise. i hate my daddy’s smile,
well he’s not really camera-faced, btw.

me and daddy

I got trapped on a loooonnggg queue on a migration stuff (I always hate this kind of stuff). When I was queuing, I observed people around me (what an observant, ahaha). Nothing special, I just saw some labours. Those who working hard for unworthy wages, those who have to be far from their spouse and children, suddenly I felt so lucky be here not to be like them. Hope Allah give them a strength to achieve anything they deserve. 🙂

After finally I escaped from that effing queue, I asked my dad to feed me, hahaha, of course I did, I wasn’t going to let myself starved, so we entered the nearest restaurant, McDonald’s. hahaha. Besides, i couldn’t eat at any unknown (infamous) place, swine flu is way threating singapore, remember? I’d rather take junk food than swine flu, of course. (addition : they have very delicious dessert, called ‘cinnamon melt’ *or some other name, i’m not really sure for the name)

‘pink fat starving pig’ looks. LMFAO.

stick with Uncle Ronald, lol.

Next destination : Shopping malls. hahaha. Great sale has been attacking Singapore since a month (or maybe two even 3) before i was there, me and dad wouldn’t ever leave it. Dad is not a kind of shoppaholic person like me, but he got interested after seeing a leaflet, “GREAT SALE, 50% OFF” and blablabla..

After clothes, then books. Books? yes, books. You must know that Singapore has its best bookstore (maybe on earth and heaven) and i couldn’t go home without stomp my feet there. And believe me or not, i bought books more than i bought clothes. Frankly, Singapore is not really better than Indonesia in outfit stocks. but YES in book supplies.

borders bookstore that i love.

say ‘beans!!’

after sweep the bookstore. :D

At last, my retail therapy has terminated, ladies and gentlemen. Dad and i visited Burger King to get some snacks. they have a pleasant-tasting Taro pie, i grabbed it to fill my half-empty stomach. While i was eating, i saw a car, maybe a kind of sport car, i don’t know exactly what kind of car it is, but wooow it could make me amused, and i wondered if i can have it on my own someday. 😀

here is the car, red coloured and gorgeous car,
that succesfully amusing me.


Dad cut my castle in the air *lol*, i abruptly turned alpha mode to beta mode *what is this, huh?*, and took a taxi to drive us back to the harbour. i had to catch a cruise before it got really night to go home. Though, we’ve been tired already. And that would be the end of my journey in Singapore and Batam, because i went home on the morrow. It’s ordinary but yet a kind of ‘fresh air’ for me. Not hearing mum’s shouting, agitation, and it’s a state where i got really close to my dad. Truthfully, i have been missing him, so bad. :’)

thank you for reading, visitors. Have a nice day and may a good luck always be with you, cheers.



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7 responses to “Batam-Singapore trip

  1. Good for you, taking time for yourself! Emjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. waaa such a nice tripp.. i’m glad you’re having funnn..:)))

  3. wahhh jalan2…..

    seru tuh…

    mobilnya keren tuh…keren abiiiss

  4. sarahsita

    kate : you too dear. 🙂

    nitia : haha, yes i was, too having fun. lol. thank you beib! :*

    ella : iya nih, liburan, hehehe.
    keren banget apalg klo liat aslinya. uwaaa. 😀

  5. ah enaknya jalan2………..mau……

  6. I’m glad to hear that you had a nice trip.
    especially with your beloved daddy.

  7. bri

    __malam2 nyasar…salam kenal daribri__
    _____fun holiday____

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