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Reasons why I hate holiday

As we know, holiday will (always) be awaited by anyone who is busy with his or her tiring activities, including me and maybe you too. However, sometimes I feel like I need to escape from holiday because I’ll be so insecure when on a looongg holiday, like now. Several things argue for my claim; here they are if you’re interested to know. 🙂

1. Holiday plumps me out *or I’ll plump out myself on holiday*. I’m not a foodie, I’ll eat only if I’m hungry, but … my calories will be less burned than when I’m busy. It is so not good.. 😦 I’m thinking about fasting during the holiday. What do you think? Good idea, huh? No? Alternatively, how if I get a membership from the fitness center? Which one is better?

2. Holiday gives me palsy, lol. Do I need to give you further information about this? Less typing and studying than on busy days. Oh, I’m more inactive. Static. I look like a moron.

3. Holiday devastates my money, really!! I’m not a billionaire, but I act like I am so. Go shopping from mall to mall, become a shoppaholic, and If you do an inspection to my room, you’ll find some paper and plastic bags there. 4. Holiday makes me bored to death. Cycle of eat-sleep always tries to kill me, besides, I can’t go out everyday, I have to take care of my house and stay here at least 3 times a week. Shiiit, I don’t like staying at home for too long.

So, do you think my hatred is reasonable, or not? hihi.. somehow I really want to go back to college, being busy, enjoying some multitask, challenging my brain to solve the cases, otherwise I’d rather go sleep. Gah! Ohoo, it’s actually the only topic I want to talk, I have nothing to write. Besides, my cough syrup makes me sleepy, I need to close my eyes for a nap. See you guys, have a nice Monday. xoxo



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