about someone who has given me this life

This is the story about a woman called Bunda. Bunda in Bahasa Indonesia refers to someone who has given a birth to a child. My Bunda is … difficult.

She’s so perfectionist, everything must be done perfectly if I don’t want to hear a shout or more from her.
She’s so high-profile, stubbornly idealist and .. Shit, She’s arrogant. Her chin will always be up and she looks at above.
She has never wanted to have kids, she was stormed by her dad to get married and have her own family, but deeply she didn’t want to, she want to be alone, live for herself, solitary.
She never be here for me, she never give her shoulder for me to cry on.
She’ll always yell me if anything goes wrong. Gives me tears. Gives me hatreds. Yeah, she really will.
She has divorced from my dad, and she hates my dad as I hate cockroaches.
She always curses my dad in front of me and it’s the worst. Sometimes, it seems like she wants me to hate my dad. Oh come on, that would never be!!!!
She loves her friends, looks more than she loves my brother and me.
She’s cool like Hitler, and nobody can beat her, INCLUDE her mum.
She has a not-really-good management of emotions. She can’t handle the drive to angry *and i’m the best person for her to be angry at*.
She loves shopping as long as it’s a branded stuff. If it is not, don’t ask. For the sake of her prestige, she NEEDS to buy anything branded *so why don’t you buy those brands, mum?*.
She never is proud of me.


She’s so smart, well-educated, classy, and only a plenty of women can have an opportunity like she has had.
She’s beautiful. Really! I often see her boss(es) flirt and ask her for something romantic. Ah stupid! *go away, Sir, i promise you wouldn’t get it!*
She’s qualified in everything. One thing she isn’t : raise her kids. She has failed.
She’s strong and contended. The strongest woman I’ve ever met is her.
She has purity, and always shows respect towards anything, anyone, at anywhere, anytime.
She is a kind of a free-spirited person, and she indulged me with no-strict-rules care giving.
She’s less than a workaholic. maybe too-workaholic, and what an ambitious lady ever!

The most important are :

She teaches me (indirectly) how to be an independent woman, who can stand on my feet and I’m the only person who can put a high expectation TO ME.
She wants me to study, to learn, because she doesn’t want to have a daughter with brain dysfunction. She’ll be mad and embarrassed if she knows she has an ‘idiot’ daughter. She’ll kick me off from her life, although she’ll never clap me and say, “congratulation!”, if i get my best scores. *poor me, hihi*

So I would like to :

Show her that “here I am”. The one who has never grownup with her *mum* hands, emotionally, But with MY hands.
Let her know that I’m her daughter who always struggling ALONE with anything in front of me. I have never begged her help; I think I don’t need it. I can help myself. Surely. more than she can.
Get myself out of her, and build my own family, but I promise I’ll take care of her, till I die, till she dies, I won’t let her starved although for a second, i won’t!!
Make her happy with HER LIFE, not with me. Because I know, her hope is living alone, laugh with her friends and concern at her career, and she so doesn’t need me. *I’ll go, away from you, if it’s all you want*.
Begin my journey, be better than her, in everything *especially to my (future) kids*.
And those are enough.

It’s her birthday now. And for the gift *I have kissed her while she was sleeping, lol*, I want you guys to know that I love her, so deep. I can’t tell it to her because, it means nothing and I feel like i waste my time. She won’t be touched.
I don’t need anything except seeing her happy. with her life … and afterlife.
She doesn’t need to worry because … I have been letting her do ANYTHING she wants, as long as it can make her smiling.

Again, and those are enough.
happy birthday, Bunda. i’m beside you, and Allah is inside you.

cheers, Sarah. xoxo



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7 responses to “about someone who has given me this life

  1. Waaahh…bunda-nya cantiiikkk ^_^

    Happry birthday ya tante…..wish u all the best

  2. salute to you!
    punya mama yg perfeksionis,tp ttp sayang sama dia. ttp ngejaga dia. ttp mau bwt dia bangga.
    ga bnyk loh,anak yg kyk kak sarsit.

    kak sarsit ga jd anak yg bermuram durja punya mama yg perfeksionis,tp malah j jd guardian angel bwt dia. aku rasa, smua ibu bakal bangga. walaupun mereka ga pernah kasih tunjuk perasaan itu.

    the last, happy birthday bwt mama nyaaa kak sarsit,yaa.

    • sarahsita

      woow, makasih yaa helena, jd ga enak, hihi..
      whatever it is, whatever it will happen, sarah will be always sarah.. 🙂

  3. oh dear..im sorry.. pasti berat ya sar punya mama yg ga bisa ada? hem.. well but i know u’r strong enough,, hehe btw happy birthday then for ur dearest mom.. hope someday she will realize that u’r the best daughter she ever had :))

    • sarahsita

      hehe, that’s ok cel no prob.
      amiiin, i hope i can be stronger and stronger by the time.
      thank you for your kind and support, mmuah!

  4. Rio

    dear Sarahsita,

    we never meet before, so salam kenal yah,, 🙂
    i’ve read ur blog,,and its so touchy,, your parents should be proud of u 🙂
    just want to make some giving u something u should know,,
    one day there’s a wise told me:
    “suatu hari aku minta ALLAH untuk memberiku setangkai bunga, tapi ALLAH memberi ku sebuah kaktus, suatu hari aku minta ALLAH untuk memberiku seekor peliharaan yang cantik, tapi ALLAH memberiku seekor ulat, dan aku pun sedih teramat sangat kenapa ALLAH begitu kejam kepada ku,apakah dia tidak perduli dengan ku? namun suatu hari aku melihat kaktus yang berduri tadi tumbuh bunga yang sangat indah, dan ulat yang menjijikan tadi berubah menjadi seekor kupu2 yang sangat cantik.” you’ll know how to meaning this all wise word meant to u, u so much clever and so much tought to live this all.
    Keep being u chayooo,,, ^_^V

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