being rejected by lecturer

Hahahaha, WTF? Nevertheless, yes for real, my lecturer has rejected me this afternoon. I was absolutely in shock the moment after the rejection happened. It was my 1st time, being rejected, I have never been like that before. My mistake, I know. I was super tired yet after attended the field-study this morning. I went home after mentoring section was finished, took a roll of tobacco, after that, I lied my tired-body in bed, then I fell asleep *on sudden*. I got awake at 1, let myself prepared, then departed to atma. Another WTF, the traffic has got its jam, so umm.. I was late. Lius *my friend* told me in his text to stride quicker and  quiiick-eerrrr because the hilarious-American-Javanese-articulation of my lecturer was wounding their ears, especially for those who came late. I was wondering whether I could come or not, but still … I challenged myself to, with heartbeats and nerves. I opened the door and she said, “Sorry saya gak terima tuh..” *sorry I can’t accept you*. What the … hahahahaha! Hoo gosh, I felt like I’m a jerk student who deserves to be rejected, rejected with her sentiment.

Yea yea, I take this as an experience. Being rejected by a lecturer, a middle-age-and-single woman who dealing with her pre-menopause syndrome (hahahaha, hey I’m seriouuuss!), haa it’s so funneeeh.

The latent message I can get : don’t be a sentimental while on a pre-menopause syndrome. It’s not really good for people around you. LOL.




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5 responses to “being rejected by lecturer

  1. nitiamonto

    hey what kinda lecture is that? she really needs to get laid. oopps.. did i sound too harsh?

    • sarahsita

      it’s research methodology for clinical setting. shit you know it’s always giving us various kind of shit, hahahaha..
      all she needs is … HUBBY. do u think? oooppss.. *another harshness, hahah*

  2. sarah, she didn’t let you to explain any reasons? how long did you come late? 15 minutes? yeah, maybe she has to deal with her pre-menopause syndrome, haha, she’s able to sensitive with you and other students.

  3. haha.. just chill dear. Anyhoo, she has very strong reason, our score. So, please insult her. But just do it behind her back 😀

    • sarahsita

      ayu : she did nooot! actually i didnt let myself to explain any reason, i was too shocked, hahaha!

      ajeng : we always mock the lecturers behind their back, right? hahahaha!

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