being lazy on the early May

Hell’o People, how are ya? Good? Excellent!! 🙂 I’m fine too but not that fine. I think I should declare that I got very much absences of attending my classes this week. And I think this week is my laziest week, baaahahaha!

On Monday : I have a class at 9 every Monday, and on this Monday, I woke up at 8.40 (my fault, I know!) and at the same time, I did disappointment to my friends (my 3 teammates). I should have given a presentation about mood disorders. We were not presenters actually, we’re revisers that have a task to meliorate their (presenters) paper-work, a way better than what they’ve already done, maybe we put some trustable theories; add various researches or case examples of that disorder. Bloody shit, I woke up late that morning (8.40, did I tell you firstly? LOL. I’m not proud!) Caused by being-late-to-go-sleeping and I could not reach a REM sleep along the night. My body has been fucking killing me since Last Saturday, and you know when we’re sick, there will be a phase where we can’t sleep as good as when we’re fine, and I was on that phase. I felt like my head is whirling confoundedly, my body divided into the pieces, and I can’t breathe easily. *roaring gratingly*  fiuuh, what a day?!

On Tuesday : Things were going well, i felt. I had a class at 7 (and i was not late). just a half of students came (or maybe only a few).  Many of my classmates had a data intake with their subject. they were countenanced by my lecturer to not-coming to the class. i have had it on Sunday.  In the afternoon, i had some feedbacks from my lecturer about my experimental research’s proposal, and the deadline (to finish it until it’s really reaaalllyy finished) will be on 25th – 29th of  May. OMG!!!

On Wednesday : I was still sick. I couldn’t get my body’s up, although my eyes were just opened widely. I sent a text message to my friend telling her that I couldn’t and wouldn’t come. Then I fell asleep. Thank God it was a good sleep. At that sleeping time, I could reach my REM sleep. I promised myself not to be late or absent tomorrow. It’s not good for my uni life.

On Thursday : I did GOOD. Hahahaa. I came on time, although there was no class because my lecturer wanted to hear our experience about being a counselor. I haven’t met my counselee (client) yet, actually my first day being a counselor will be on next Monday (pray for me, guys! :D), so I kept the silence and listened to them (my friends). They have such a commendable experience to share (to learn, of course). So many children (or teenagers) have various unfortunate lives.  But only a couple of things we can do to help them. Even worse, the only person who can help them is they. *is it worse, or inevitable? or both? or not any thing?*

On Friday : another late waking up hahahah!. I’ve got a sleeping problem (agaiinn), and I cursed my sickness harshly. Umm.. But I gave heed to my MOW (clinical interview methodology for diagnosis, blablablaaa..) class, and next week I’ll have a presentation. Ew! After a class, I had a fun meeting with my friends. My peer group when I was on a high school. They were terribly boosting my mood to the highest (read : super happy, euphoric, larger-than-life).

I recognize what has just happened this week, and then I spontaneously laugh. “Poor me”, me said silently. I had to battle with some bastard-ing conditions that run simultaneously and make me feel dumb as well. However, I thank God. 😀



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5 responses to “being lazy on the early May

  1. wadu Sar.. what a week you’ve got there. hayo bu, lebih semangat lagi. hehe.. 😉

    anyway, I’ve got another tag for you! ayo ayo jangan males.. :mrgreen:

  2. ah i really wanna skip my class neither, but i couldn’t. ih sarah aku iriiii 😛
    yg semangat yah sar 🙂

  3. aku kuliah di Unair, masii semester 4 (bener ga sih ‘masih’ ato ‘udah’? Nevermind) :]

    mbak semester brp ?

  4. saraaahhh!!!

    ayo semangaaatt!!!

  5. aku minggu ini juga males bgt ngampus, kmrn itu ada kuliah setengah 12 (seharusnya) eh, jam 11 malah ketiduran. akhirnya kuliah setengah 4, itupun dengan langkah diseret 😀

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