Sarah needs …

I’m tagged by neno to do this homework. oh my gosh this is so funny, maybe this is the funniest tag in my blog-writing’s history. thank you neno.. =)

the rules are :

1. Open Google

2. Type “your name needs” (for example: “sarah needs” – don’t forget the brackets!) in the search tab

3. Click search

4. Write down the top 10 results.

And the best 10 results :

Sarah needs to get her life back and establish herself as the person in charge. (I’ve got my life back already. No, I think my life has never gone far away from me, it’s on my hand permanently)

Sarah needs to set up her experiment by finding subjects (hey, how do you know? My experimental assignment wants me to find at least 40 subjects, WTF?)

Sarah Needs A Cold Shower (NO, thanks. Hihihi!)

sarah needs A fun post today because last night was a bit depressing (shut up! I was sleeping last night, nothing depressing)

SARAH NEEDS YOUR HELP PLEASE!!! (Yes please. Tell me where I can get a pair of flat shoes, anyone? I really need that, with reasonable price and good quality, even branded, hahaha! *materialistic side of sarah*)

Sarah needs sponsors to compete (what kind of championship? Eating crisp?)

Sarah needs a miracle (being alive and loved are the miracle, I think it’s enough, for now and ever)

Sarah needs a date, maybe some fun. (Where’s and who’s the guy? Guy, come to mama, hahahah!)

Sarah needs to kick him in the nuts (oh holy cow! it’s too insulting and cruel. I hate violence anyway. How if he can’t have a baby then? His wife must be sad and regret because she married him, ROFL!)

Sarah needs to hand him one of those weapons that went off without warning. (What the hell is here talking about? Where are the weapons?)

well those are the top 10 results, which are shivering my stomach by unstoppable producing laughter, LOLOLOL.  i pass this homework to : nitia, u-ung, and whoever wants to do it. i’ll see you guys later, mmuah!



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3 responses to “Sarah needs …

  1. hahaha.. ini yang paling OK Sar: “Sarah needs to kick him in the nuts”. 😆
    great job! 😀

  2. Blog looks really good mate, keep it up! I keep shedding the pounds thanks to information like this and my studies on resveratrol.

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