home decor, based on your traits.

Hello buddies, how are you doing there? Simply fine, huh? Great! Well finally I’m back after had a long journey. I didn’t. I just faced my  jerky mid semester test, and It has finished now so I can go back to concern for myself fully. Actually I’m not really sure for what I have done for the tests, I often did crap, and I think next I have to deal with many unsatisfying results. Whatev-fuck.

At the moment I’m typing with my mom’s lappy, my lappy has a trouble (uh-oh, we’re in trouble .. ) so I brought it to the IT centre to get it repaired, maybe it will be fixed 2 weeks later (OMG, why it takes so long?). I’m here up to post a tag. According to Nitia the tag-giver, there will be an interior design that represent our personality (that’s sooo psychology, hahaha, ew!). Should I give a brief description about my personality? Based on the theory of 4 big types of personality, I’m mixed melancholy (60%) and sanguine (40%) personality.

Melancholic often has got some inhibited-kind of traits, like introversion, usually avoid people if on a bad feelings, don’t really like to be a centre of attention, have a low level of social boldness (we often say it : shyness), or prefer to be ‘behind the scene’. They like to be an independent person, being alone, and really enjoy themselves as an individual (seems they are individualist, but back to the combination of personality they have).  Almost Melancholia people are perfectionist. They have (too) low tolerance of failure, pessimistic, so they tend to do anything perfectly in order not to be failed in any aspect of their life. That’s melancholy’s characteristics.

Sanguinity is the opposite. The sanguine is popular, has a good quality of extroversion, NEED to be a centre of attention, NEED to be adored and applauded, love talking, love to show off anything they have, and really care about their performance and appearance. They usually show their feelings, and they belong to their friends (or their friends belong to them. haah, confused!), simple : they can’t smile without friends. Many people consider it’s a kind of dependency, suppose to be true, yeaa suppose not to be true.  They are very lively, fun loving, agree, like to meet new people, like to contribute in a group or more. They are so public.

So, the summary of my description of personality is : I’m equally extro and intro, depends on the situation I meet. I’m a perfectionist person who has a low (enough) tolerance of failure. I’m a good speaker as good as when I have to be on ‘a backstage’. I’m dying to be ordered , … and I’m a privacy’s cop. I always save my and others privacy due to our comfort. I’m a pessimistic, rrgh!  I do really care about my action and my look-like. I can show a don’t-bother-me look, but I can as well grab your hand and don’t want to let you go away from me and stop being my friends. For me, freedom is everything, i’ll do what i want to do and not what i hate. but i’ll let myself be around me, will be mad if someone strange  comes without knocking, and i won’t bodge other people’s business if they don’t let me to. That’s all.

Can you guess what the interior design that represent those traits? Here are the pictures then:

1. the library


because this will be so important for me, i put this first before the second. i would like to spend my time alone without anyone around me. it’ll help for get myself relaxed, calm myself down after had a hectic day. i’ll put an aromatherapy there, read a book or listen to the music, write anything that comes from my brain, do self-introspection, and maybe i’ll fall asleep. LOL. i like the bookshelf there, it can place your books into an order. order = perfection, ROFL.

2. Living room

living room

although this is less important, but still.. I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T  for an ideal house. you can greet anyone who visits your house in the living room, and look at the picture! you can see a private living room but it has the wide windows that use to (give you a sunshine, of course. remember, human’s need of VITAMIN D, hahaha!) see outside the room. you’ll be able to know what happen out there, wave your hand to anybody that pass your house, and give a smile. great for your social life, isn’t it?

well guys, do you think it’s representing or not? do you think i have explained clearly or not? you tell it. hihhi..

ok, run out of time, i got to go.

i’m tagging : neno and cellini, and anybody who wants to do this. have a great weekend, guys! rock your weekend!!!!



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6 responses to “home decor, based on your traits.

  1. wow. interesting tag! and yet, I haven’t done the previous one you gave me. forgive me! I’ll do it ASAP. anyway, so do we have to know our personality first and then decide the interior later? and where can I find the pictures? Google? hmm.. interesting.. 😀

    anyway, you’ve been tagged as well! hehe.. :mrgreen:

    • sarahsita

      i think it’s up to you whether you want to know your personality firstly, or just tell anything you know about your self.. and yes, google supports you to find the picture, and yahoo-search too..
      and thank you for tagging me, now i’m off to your blog.. 😉

  2. oh sounds interesting i will do it saraa..soon )

  3. library nya cozy banget kaa !! jadi pengen.. pasti betah deh disitu sambil baca harpot 7 jilid skaligus.. *tehee..*

  4. Really Good Articles/posts that you have on this site. Thanks

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