awards from igna and u-ung

woaah i have 3 awards in one time, thank you thank you thaaank you friends! *kisses

first award comes from Igna


the Rules :

1. put the logo

2. put the link of the blog who has given you this award

3. give this award to those 10 people who are friendly and inspiring, put their blog’s link also.

4. tell them you’ve given this award by leave a message on their blog.

the second award (which has the similar rules) comes from U-ung


and the last award comes from her too..


i have to put my bad habits into a list, here they are :

1. moody

2. too-hard thinking

3. smoking

4. sometimes i become to indecisive person

5. pessimistic

i give theses awards to : audrey, boot, ella, ippa, meyriska, karin, priska, tika, vanessa, and wahyu ..



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2 responses to “awards from igna and u-ung

  1. sarah…kemana aja sih…….sudah lama kita tak bertegur sapa hohoho…

    maksih banyak yaa awardnya…..

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