(Honest Scrap) Award From Nitia

Hello again, people.. woohoo I’m back, I always feel glad when I write things, because I know I can’t do it that often on weekdays. College, yeah what else?

Anyway guys, I got a honest scrap award from my friend, Nitia, I thanked by giving her a smooch, hihi..


The Rules :

The Honest Scrap award comes with a caveat or two.

Firstly, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true.  Secondly, you have to tag 10 people with the award.

My 10 uncensored things you may not know are :

1.  I wish I could have a harp, own harp, and present some on-stage performances with playing harp, but I think it won’t come true, harps are having a high-enough level of difficulty, and too expensive to buy for an amateur harpist like me. I adore Maya Hasan (a local harpist from my country) and Julia Thornton (a harpist from Atlanta), I’ve seen Hasan’s performance 3 times, and I was amazed all over again.

2.  I love women. Women are beautiful, in every single way. Their body, their face, their hair, their maternal behaviors, kind-heart, I don’t care whether they are feminine, masculine or androgyny, all same. I’m proud to be a woman and I’ll fight for women’s life someday. Humans cannot stay alive and breathe if there are no women. Loving women doesn’t mean I’m a Lez girl, hahaha.. (Although sexual orientation *homo, hetero, bi* is now a way to choose)

3.  Recently, I really love shopping. I’ve already bought 2 pairs of shoes, some tops, jackets, books, and now I’m craving for a pair of broken-white sneakers.. 😉

4.  I have been struggling with some family problems since don’t know when. My parents have divorced when I was 12, and living in a broken home family is not that easy (but we’re going to be fine, no need to hyperbolize). My mom and dad are not (and would never be) good parental caregivers. They are too busy to think about their grownup children and as the time goes by, I don’t really need their quality times, I just need their trust. Really!

5.  (Correlated with and caused by thing above) I admit myself being independent. My mum indulged me in order to be an independent person who not hanging her life on a man, or other people. She often says (either directly or indirectly), “stand on your feet, don’t beg, don’t be pampered, you’re not a baby anymore. Go working and there’s no time to be lazy!”, and her lines are driving me enough not to have any form of dependence.

6.  I’m now in love with someone, hahahaha.. He’s my senior at high school, and oh my gosh, he’s so good looking and such a kind person! Wish me luck, hahahah!

7.  I love collecting lingerie from several famous brands. There’s nothing guiltier than spending my unacceptable amount of money to buy lingerie, when apparently I need that money to pay my outbound fee, to buy some college books, and to repair my hand phone. Doh! (I’m sorry mum, dad!)

8.  I’m a number one fan of ice cream and chocolate. When will I have my own ice cream factory?

9.  I can’t ride a bicycle. I have a traumatic event with bicycle, and after that event, I have never tried to ride again. I think I forget how to ride, haha!

10.  I can’t leave my house without wearing my pink blush on. My cheeks are chubby and I’m not really glad to it. I cover my chubby-cheeks with blush on. Besides, I think blush on (and lipstick) is the easiest makeup to use.

I think now I have to pee. Hahahaha, hey it’s an uncensored!! Ok now I’m tagging : Neno, Sherryta, U-ung, Audrey Gabriella, Ayu, and everyone who getting interested to do this homework..  Bye all, mwah! =)



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9 responses to “(Honest Scrap) Award From Nitia

  1. makasi peernya! wow ternyata gampang gampang susah ya (susah bahkan!). 😛
    harp? wow I never knew that. I hope this dream of yours will come true. 😀
    anyway congratulations with the new blog. it’s wonderful! 🙂

    • sarahsita

      hahaha, i hope so nenoo, i really, really want to be capable of play that classic instrument,
      abis keren aja ngeliat maya hasan main, hihi, udh gitu harpa emang susah banget,
      we need both feeling and thinking.. 😀

  2. Alin

    Sar…ternyata benar bahwa blog lo isinya udh bahasa inggris,,tapi ga papa…gw ngerti kok..hehehehe…masih bisa nampak gaya bicara khas elo lagi…

    Hmmmm…kykny ini mesti diterangin dikit deh sar…agak gelap soalnya, tapi gw suka spatu2 di dpn itu, hohoho.

    10 uncensored things about you…yaah…kebanyakan gw udh tau, kcuali no 7 en 10,,kok ga kliatan si dkampus??

    • sarahsita

      ember, bosen gw, so i changed the language, ntar klo bosen lg gw pake bahasa tagalog, hahahaha!
      masi ya? mm, being natural is always good. ahhah!
      gw pake blush on ga ke kampus lah, males ya, wong bangun saja aku tak mampu, hahahaha!

  3. say. dah aku re link yah 😀

  4. yeah.. aku juga suka pria.. suka lekuk tubuhnya.. scr gw kerempeng.. hahaha.. jadi termotivasi buat jadi proposional.. =))

  5. Sarah..km dapet award juga tuh di blogku tgl 24/04…hehehe di cek yah..

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