glad to see you again here.. =)

Hello folks, how are you doing there? I’m now on wordpress, my blog on is no longer updated, I can’t sign in (means I can’t do posting), but I still can open my blog without sign in though. I don’t even know what the wrong is. I’ve tried to sign in at other laptops but no differences. The worst is, I can’t import my posts from blogger to wordpress, so I feel like I have a new blog, hmm.. but it doesn’t really matter, anything may go wrong and have some errors, so yeaah, transferring my blog to this site is no way problem. =)

Finally I meet Saturday, and Saturdays are always relaxing me, after 5 days with full of occupations, assignments, and hard thoughts, then on Saturdays, I have not to do them. Thank you, Saturday! I’m thinking to have a good nap, because I only slept for about 4 hours per day in the past 3 days, I’m afraid of being sick because on the next 2 weeks I’ll have my mid semester test. I’m estimating I’ll do a hard work for this mid, the take home tests are so difficult and tiring, and so the writing tests. If I’m sick, I’ll lose my effort to do good, and I don’t want to lose anything at the moment. I’m now on an ambition to increase my GPA. Sicknesses in any form are not excused presently.

Ah shit, my eyes can’t compromise, I’m going to take a nap, I don’t want to be late to meet my friends tonight, I think I’ll go sleep for 3 hours then wake up and prepare for Saturday night. Have a great weekend, all.. I’ll write again tonight or after I get up.. bye!


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