an arrogance wouldn’t give you anything

Crap, I’m disgusted to remember this moment, where I had to see my friend-of-friend attitude that (I think) so annoying. About a week ago, my friend introduced me to her friend, her (used to be) senior at high school but they’re now on a same profession. She had a good first impression actually, such a warm person, has well openness, and I think she’s extraverted. Last Saturday I met her for twice, and you know what? I saw her different, still warm and open, but with something inside. Proud to say she has achieved something in her job, she’s a good worker though, our republic must be proud of her as well. yes, her achievement (which she has reached with her team also) is in international scale, it’s not easy nor by quick step to get, it needs time for sure. She must be proud of herself, but unfortunately, she’s proud on a wrong way. I heard she said to my friend, “hey, you’re junior, and I’m senior. You junior have to practice more to be like me!” what? To be like, who? Her? Ew! I found an over-estimate there.

Just the way after I got home (oh, I stayed at my friend’s house, it was too late to go home *my home is far from PIM, the place where we met*, so my mum wanted me to just stay at her *friend* house to make it more safe), I told my friend about my perception. I said that she has too high self-perception. I asked whether it’s her natural attitude or not, and my friend was on a same perception with me. *objective enough, LOL*. Finally, with careful she told me everything about her. At her job, she *friend of friend* often separates junior and senior to the different level. My friend is the youngest member in that team, and ‘her senior’ is the only person who separating her, another seniors are not. Not only with her contributions, but also other things, like her way of talk, her weird English using (bad vocabs, bad grammars) even makes herself over confident. I saw it with my eyes, she often writes on my friend’s wall, and it’s weird. But still, with her over-confidence, she keeps that way. Actually, English is not our mother tongue; grammatical errors are always permitted, but please please please, just be humble if you realize you’re not a highly advanced, even though you’re the most advanced on earth., stay cool!! None will honour us if we’re arrogant. We have many goods though, all of us, and if there’s a good, there will be a bad, there’s always a positive near the negative, right? Natural being, isn’t? so I think, the most pleasant-and-easy thing we can do is being humble and low profile. We’re now still learning, learning and learning about anything, why do we have to be an arrogant?? No reason. Trustfully, arrogance wouldn’t give us anything except shit. =)


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