homework from priska and neno (again)

Ok, next tagging is from priska, and neno.

Here are the rules:
1. Make a list of ten (10) things or habits of yours that you don’t like, if you got more than ten, you can just write it all.
2. Don’t forget to write the reasons why you don’t like them.
3. Tag other ten (10) blogger friends.

on her blog, Priska said :
“by doing this we will see what kind of bad things and bad habits are the most mentioned by bloggers, and hopefully we will awake every blogger’s consciousness to be refreshed, and finally we will leave those habits behind us.” *good idea!*

And these are my 10 bad things/habits …

  1. I don’t like vegetables. Everybody needs veggies, which have (too) many vitamins. Unfortunately, I do really hate veggies, they’re all yucky.
  2. I’m a high-tempered and so emotional. Umm, there are 6 types of emotion: surprise, joy, sadness, fear, disgust, and anger. Especially anger and sadness, I usually express more than i suppose to do. Sometimes, I call it overreaction, LOL.
  3. I’m addicted to smoking. Everybody knows that smoking will make your age become shorter but for now my day will be uncompleted if I don’t smoke.
  4. if I hate someone, hard for me to be nice with her/him. Look Back to number 2, I’m a high tempered, so yeaah for me it’s a cause-effect. When I hate somebody, surely, I try not to get close to him/her, it’s the only solution, because I don’t want to hurt anybody. =)
  5. I’m lazy to attend my lectures. Hahaha! Do I need to explain further info about this? (but I think I’m not that lazy, if there’s something important, I’ll come no matter what!!)
  6. If I’m on a bad mood, I tend to avoid people. Look back to number 4, I don’t want to hurt anybody, and you know when we’re on a bad mood, we become unfriendly sometimes, include me. I think I’d better to be alone and stay alone at my place than I give them (people around me) some shit because my bad mood! =))))))
  7. I consider myself careless enough with my belongings (except boyfriend, LOL). No comment. LOL. It’s too true. I can lose my things and just realize at least an hour later. Doh!
  8. I’ll be dying if on woman’s period. Mood swing + headache + stomachache + nursea + bleeding + low back pain = DYING!!!! It’ll get worse on my first 3 days. It’s naturally given I know, but how can it be so sucks? I’ve visited the doctor and tell about it. I had a USG once, and it’s ok, no problem, it just because my hormone system that I don’t know for exact, biological thingy, hahaha!
  9. I hate math, and I think I have dyscalculia disorder (disability to learn grade-appropriate mathematics). However, seems it’s too much for dyscalculia, isn’t it? I hate math because I’m too lazy to learn more, and more people say if we want to be able to do math, we have to practice more and more, and me don’t want, so I can’t diagnose myself as a dyscalculia patient. LOL.
  10. I have a huge-addiction with chocolate (or some other choco-flavoured food). I can eat 5 chocolate bars per day, or triple scoops of chocolate ice cream, and never feel guilty with it, hahahaha. *how tragic!*

i’m tagging : Farah (this is my ‘welcome’ tag dear, i’m really glad that u’ve got a blog now, yaaaay!!) and everyone who interested to do this tag..



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2 responses to “homework from priska and neno (again)

  1. the healthy ghost

    That´s right for me too.

  2. nenoneno

    #1. I don’t like vegetables >> weee.. koq bisa? ga baek tu.. jangan dipikirin bentuknya, tapi manfaatnya. 😛

    #2. I’m a high-tempered and so emotional. >> I think I can clearly see that on your facebook. 😀

    #4. if I hate someone, hard for me to be nice with her/him >> sometimes I do that too. but recently I think I compromise a lot. 🙂

    #9. I hate math >> HAHAHA me too! lol.

    anyway, congrats on the HW. 😀

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