unstoppable praying

unstoppable praying
unstoppable praying – by sarahsita hendry(bday 27th feb) on Polyvore.com

Dear God,
I don’t know how to express how blessed I am. I’ll be 21 a plenty of hours later, and it’s a mercy for me. You have been giving so many special things since I was born, and I can’t stop thanking u for all these.
As my wishes, I don’t need any material gifts, all I need is u, God. Please always stand beside me, to face this crazy life, to make myself worth as a person, to make everyone who loves me to proud of me, and to warn me that I have to always remember you.
Thank you so much for everything, makes me think that I’m the best creature on earth. you make my day, you make my life. you make me strong, with everything’s happened. you want me to survive, because you know i can, even though i think i can’t, but show me, and don’t want me to wait too long. i give myself to you, only you.




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5 responses to “unstoppable praying

  1. ayu susanti aditya

    HAPPY BDAY yaaaaaaa!
    wish you all the best!

  2. the healthy ghost

    Love it¡

  3. Ajeng Sueztika

    Happy b’day dear
    wish u all the best
    all ur wish come true
    GBU always 🙂

  4. nenoneno

    happy belated 21st birthday! *walopun telat ya? yang penting uda ngucapin di FB. hehe* everything will be fine and trust me you’ll get the best in life. wish you all the best! 😀

  5. dizzywife

    happy bday.

    amien for all the pray and wishes 🙂

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