not too important.

Hey hey, laziest person is here. Don’t ask who. I am. Yes, me.. I’m the laziest person on earth, when my birthday will be coming up, when I’m going on 21, when my exam wait me, I just do nothing that related to my lesson (study, summarize, even TOUCH THE BOOK!!!). haaaah, what kind of student am i? Student with no awareness, student who prefer to open her facebook than read her handout.
Doh, ya Allah, please forgive me for all my idiocies, i wish I could control the pressure to retard, but F, this short semester sent me craziness. Let me analyze, maybe I’m bored, is it normal to be bored on 6th semester? No? yeah I think so. Ah, whatever! Stop yawning and go open your book!!! Nooo, back off, books!

after the thrill's gone
after the thrill’s gone – by sarahsita hendry(bday 27th feb) on

see the picture above (created by me but it’s not the point!), that’s a lady, laying in sofa and smoking, suddenly she falls asleep, not because she’s tired, but because she’s lazy. guess who!? me of course, who else?! LOL.

ugh, i have to get over it before i’m late!! come on girl, whup whup whup!!!!



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4 responses to “not too important.

  1. dizzywife

    I wish you luck, for the exam 🙂

    and thanks 4 the comment, sarah… *terharu*

  2. brigadista

    he he he,… nice posting,.. so ambil award ya di blog ku,..

  3. nenoneno

    you know what, this post’s got me thinking: maybe universities should start opening their own Facebook accounts with all those e-books and stuffs like that there. it would have been so awesome. 😀

  4. Susy Ella

    ayooo semangat belajar…masa depan masih jauh dek…(berasa tua bangeet gw) hehehhe

    ahhh sudah lama tak berkunjung…

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