homework from Neno

well, so far, this is the most difficult homework i’ve ever done. woow, but i’m glad to finish it, i thank neno for tagging me!

Here are the rules..

  1. To each letter of an alphabet, write a word connected to you.
  2. Tag 6 (six) people.

ok, let’s start!!

Adit is my twin brother’s nickname.

Be more mature day by day is my-forever-wish.

Chicken strips from California Fried Chicken (CFC) are my favorite junk food, and the only kind of junk food I love…

Don’t try to scream me all over my face or I’ll get your life worse.. if you’re angry to me, just tell me in a friendly way, I’ll be gentle to confess and apologize.

Economics is my high school’s subject I didn’t like.

Forrest Gump is my favorite movie, with Tom Hanks as an actor (played Gump), that film teach me (maybe you too) how to enjoy and love my life.

Greece is the country I have to visit before I die. Oh my Rab, they have a beautiful and very artistic country.

Hello kitty is the cutest cartoon’s character, I think..

I claim my self as an assertive and talk active person, but don’t worry, I always think what I want to say (polite or not, fine or not for others’ feeling) before I say it at last.

Jelly beans are my favorite candy!!!!!

Ka’bah is a black stone building in Mecca, and I turn in its direction when I’m praying.

Long is the height of my hair now generally. Hahahaha, I feel stupid when I write this! I don’t know whether this sentence is just coherent or not..

Mum and dad are not my highest-priority, but I wanna make them proud of me someday. I promise.

Nobody can judge me. Only God can. So, if anybody wants to judge me, I’ll keep walk away and don’t mind what they say to me.

Oh my God, this tag is crazy, but challenging!!!

Psychology is my major and I am not regret choosing this major until now..

Queen of the Damned is Aaliyah’s movie, which sent her a death, and that’s my favorite vampire movie beside Twilight.

Rats are yucky! (So?)

Sneakers are the shoes I usually wear if I go to campus. Very comfy, looks casual and simple.

Tobacco is one of my addictions. Bad addiction I know, and I’ll quit smoking before I kill my kids.. LOL.

Umm.. Shit!! I don’t know what I should write!!!!

Virginia Woolf is my favorite author. She was sick, psychopathic, but her novels are so damn great, maybe she use her hallucination when she writes them.

Woooooow I can’t believe I’m now closer to finish!!!!

X chromosome is the most chromosomes I have, as I am female, and female has XX or 2 X chromosomes, right? Open your biology’s book to make it sure.. =P

Yesterday, my mom went to Bali and she’s leaving me for 5 days, I wish she brings me something when she’s back. Amen. Hahaha!

Zulfa is my bestie’s name. I love her so much and I’m glad to have her as my super-best friend.

and now i’m tagging : helena, nitia, ajeng sekar, umi rina, ajeng, and gilang..

enjoy guys, hahaha, mwah!



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3 responses to “homework from Neno

  1. umi rina

    Ampyuuuun…. any other tag and ‘ewot’…. 😦

    Hehehe… aku bungkus dulu ya honey…., ntar kalo dah sempet dan kepikiran aku kerjain, thanks ya…:)

  2. nenoneno

    "Greece is the country I have to visit before I die. Oh my Rab, they have a beautiful and very artistic country." >> I also want to go to Greece! esp. setelah nonton the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (the newest). sepertinya tempat wisata yang menyenangkan. 🙂

  3. Danisha Dalam Blog

    dapet juga PR semacam ini,, melelahkan memang,,

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