gossiping at lunch time. LOL.

This afternoon, I had lunch with my buddies, Aline and Lius, after child psychopathology’s class (and adult’s class for Aline). Lius was starving so we decided to have lunch first before we go home. Actually, my lecture wasn’t interesting me (I don’t know in Lius, but I guess he felt so), and made me sleepy. It was about mental retardation and cerebral palsy, not too exciting, they tend to be a medical problem, not psychological. I don’t want to explore them more, only on class and for the exam next week, LOL. Aline’s lesson was more interesting than ours (Lius and me), I think…

After an eating session has finished, we had a (mild) talk about a recent phenomenon, which is happening (or has just happened) around us. The dialogue’s started with talking about our friend who has umm… Like a fixation, get a stuck in a one phase of his social-life condition that influencing his thought. He seems to be never grownup, whereas he is 20s something now (older than we are). Moreover, he seems like never want to open his mind and see anything has (or to be) happened around him. As a result, he looks like a moron, ‘extraordinary’, and honestly, I have never ‘connected’ to him. I’m avoiding him. I’m not giving my (emotional) acceptance to defense myself from him. I don’t want to have conflict(s), because his pattern of behavior’s opposed to mine (and others). I prefer staying away for him even for friendship. He is more than childish you know! God!

I don’t know (and can’t imagine) how he can save his life with all of its shit(s) will happen to us (to him, I’ve nothing to him) if he stays on his current perceptual thought. Otherwise, I believe that everybody has his or her own strength(s) and way to survive. But hell, can’t he realize that everybody is talking about him, his persona, his way to think and act, and toooooo many more!!! He’s one of a loser in my faculty. It’s easy if you want to be a loser there, you should show them that you have an irrational thought, which can describe how immature you are (as your age has to be), and how bizarre your thought is, hahahah! It is not that true for real. =P

We (my friends and I) concluded that he should change his mindset or do socialization to open his mind or enrich his knowledge about this life. I don’t consider myself as the most knowledgeable person, but I think yet I’m not late to learning, and keep learning everyday, every time. Many things on earth we can use to improve our self, even things we’ve never realized before.

3 psychology’s students, had lunch together and they all know (and got an interest) about a weird thing, and use it as a topic of gossip, you can see how the gossip will appear. Our mind are contaminated by psycho-stuffs until we can’t dump them in our spare time. =D =D =D


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