o’oww.. i think i’ve got a trouble. this afternoon i had a neuropsychology exam, and u know whaaaat? the type of the exam is essay, and the questions are SO FUCKING SHIT!!! i can’t finish that, surely can’t, oh i’ve tried the best on study, but what??? &$^&*$#@%!! the exam was soooo difficult, i can’t catch it.

well, honestly for the last 5 days till now, i have been having a bad day, each day must be passed by any-distract-thing, distract my mood, rob my happiness and finally, the day was spent by angry, sad, even cry and yell. i have many, many negative thoughts about myself, i become to be a pessimistic (well, uh, that’s my basic personality, my pessimism is greater than my optimism,, *sigh), lack of confidence, feel distressed, and so on. maybe i’m overwhelmed. =(

okay, back to the main topic, exam. yess, as i’ve said, those questions were burning my brain into the highest degree, i think i would get a brain dysfunction, whereas i studied about it, gagagagag, silly! how come i can’t answer most of those questions???? i’ve studied hard, mm.. not that hard, but hard enough. neuropsychology is mixed between neurology-medical-psychology subject, i’m combining the recall and recognition method to store all chapter into my short-term memory, but gaaah, it wasn’t enough, poorly. i can’t recall it successfully, just a little bit, but not all of them.

maybe i can tell you few of the questions. the 1st question that i can’t forget is about alzheimer’s disease. i have to describe it well. The symptoms, which part brain is mostly damaged, behaviors of the patient, which memory will be lost, and many more about alzh’s. another question is about umm.. non-matching-sample-test. what damage will be diagnosed if the person can perform it well? *meneketehe!!!* how can i know what the damage is, i don’t even know the truly mean of non-matching-sample-test itself!! damn it! and the last recognized-question is about schizophrenia. hhhh, the hardest and most terrified illness ever! same to the other questions, brain damage is the point of this question. i know well about schizo’s only on a psychological aspect(s), not on a neurological.

ok well i’m terrified now, exhausted, and i’m ready for any bad final result. oh God.. i think the matter is i’m on my pessimistic condition at the moment. i almost cried when i was reading the questions one by one. hell nooo.. ='(



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5 responses to “DOH!!!

  1. ayu susanti aditya

    sabar yaa’ve studied hard, so don’t be pessimistic. and cheer up!!! 🙂

  2. nityamonto

    u know what sarah dear, I’ve been thinking about taking a psychology for my master. it should have been fun, right? no?

  3. Ajeng Sueztika

    sabar, say…
    kalo ga bikin pusing bukan ujian namanya (LOL)

  4. Pangeran

    mo nulis paan ni, baca aj aku gag bs.

  5. neno

    easy there girl.. what’s got into you? you’ll be fine soon that you won’t realize it. semangat! 😀

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