homework from Ayu Susanti Aditya and Ajeng

well, i’ve been tagged by my new blog’s friend, ayu susanti aditya and ajeng to write down my 100 truths. what? 100? *sigh. okay, here i go!

001. Real name → Sitti Hendrianti Sarahsita
002. Like it? → too like it!
003. Nickname(s)→ Sarah, Sarsit.
004. Status → single
005. Zodiac sign → pisces
006. Male or female → *what do u think??* female of course, can’t u see it??? LOL.
007. Elementary→ Al-Azhar 01 islamic Elementary school.
008. Middle School → Al-Azhar 01 Islamic junior high school.
009. High School → 3 High School Jakarta.
010. Hair color → dark brown.
011. Long or short → Long.
012. Eye color → brown.
013. Weight → 48 kgs, but it’s unstable, sometimes more, sometimes less.
014. Height → 160 cms
015. Righty or lefty → righty
016. Loud or Quiet → Both, depends on the situation and condition.
017. Sweats or Jeans → jeans.
018. Phone or Camera → phone.
019. Health freak → mm.. not really.
020. Piercings?→ yes, 7 in ear lobes (3 in left ear lobe, 4 in right)
021. Do you have a crush on someone? → at the moment, no.
022. Eat or Drink → drink.
023. Purse or Backpack → at campus : backpack, at mall : purse.
024. Tattoos → no.
025. Do You Like Yourself? → of course, i can’t be like this if i dislike myself.
026. Current worry? → I’m worrying about my neuropsychology’s final score.

027. Orange or Apple Juice? → orang juice.
028. Night or Day? → night. near to sleep. LOL.
029. Sun or Moon? → moon.
030. TV or Internet? → Both.
031. PlayStation or XBox? → Xbox, aaaarrgh!
032. Kiss or Hug? → hug. but kiss is still good. hahaha!
033. Iguana or Turtle? → turtle, i’m afraid of iguana, hihi..
034. Spider or Bee? → i’m an insectophobia, so i wouldn’t choose any of them.
035. Fall or Spring? → spring
036. Limewire or iTunes? → iTunes!!!!
037. Soccer or Baseball? → baseball, woohooo i’m a homer!!

038. First surgery → i had never had a surgery.
039. First piercing → when i was at … 4th grade.
040. First best friend → her name is Anita, my friend (used to my neighbour) since i was 4 y.o till now.
041. First Sport? → ??? running? swimming? can i say those?
042. First award → english olympic when junior high.
043. First crush → my friend in elementary school. *sorry i can’t tell his name*
044. First pet → an unnamed rabbit.
045. First big vacation → i had a tour around U.S with my family.
046. First big birthday → my sweet 17th birthday party.

047. Eating → spaghetti carbonara. *yum yuum*
048. Drinking → coke.
049. I’m about to → study neuropsychology for the exam next tuesday.
050. Listening to → nothing.
051. Singing? → nope.
052. Typing? → this post.
053. Waiting for → the sleepy-eyed to come.

054. Want kids? → totally!
055. When? → i’ll tell you if i’ve got 1! hahaha!
056. Want to get married? → i hope yea, but i’m not thinking about it now, too far.
057. When? → hey, mind your own business! HAHAHA! *the dog is barking!*
058. Where Do You Want To Live? → in the earth of course, can u imagine if i live in mars? i wouldn’t survive!
059. Careers in mind → a psychologist, kindegarten teacher, uum, a housewife? hahaha!
060. What Did You Want To Be When You Were Little? → doctor. hahahaha, ordinary one, huh?
061. Mellow Future Or Wild? → WILD, hahaha! *i don’t mind what people say, they don’t know anything*
062. Something You Would Never Try? → jump from 20th floor, drink an insecticide.

063. Lips or eyes → eyes.
064. Shorter or taller? → taller.
065. Romantic or spontaneous → romantic.
066. Nice stomach or nice arms → nice stomach.
067. Sensitive or loud → boys can’t be that sensitive, but please don’t that loud, hahaha!
068. Hook-up or relationship → relationship.
069. Trouble maker or hesitant → troublemaker. oh don’t be a hesitant in front of me!
070. Hugging or Kissing? → both.
071. Tan Skinned or Light? → tan skinned.
072. Dark or Light Hair? → whatever!
073. Muscular or Normal? → normal, but muscular is okay, as long as not like aderai. *oh geeez!*

074. Lost glasses/contacts → yea, at the beach.
075. Ran away from home → no.
076. Held a gun/knife for self defense?→ no.
077. Killed somebody → hahahaha.. funny!
078. Broken someone’s heart → i’ve tried not to..
079. Been arrested → no.
080. Cried when someone died → of course.
081. Kissed A Stranger? → hahahaha, i’m not that bitch.
082. Climbed Up A Tree? → when I was 7, or 8 maybe.
083. Liked A Friend As More Than A Friend? → no, i’m a consistent (maybe almost strict) person. friends are friends, i treat them like my friends.

084. Yourself → hahahahaa.. stupid.
085. Miracles → yes.
086. Love at first sight → maybe yea..
087. Heaven → yes.
088. Santa Claus → no
089. Kiss on the first date → yes.

090. Is there one person you want to be with right now → yes. nadia.
091. Do You Like Someone? → no, at the moment.
092. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → yes.
093. Do you believe in God → OMG u’re fucking killing me, yo stupid question!! of course i do!!! baahh!

094. Received/ Sent Text Message → from nadia, to nadia.
095. Received Call → umm, from my dad.
096. Call Made? → to nadia.
097. Comment On MySpace? → I haven’t got any account on myspace.
098. Missed Call? → from my dad. he sought me.
099. Person You Hung out With? → nadia, ajeng.

100. post this and tag to friends. i’m tagging : cellini, karin, and evilinme

happy writing guys!!



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5 responses to “homework from Ayu Susanti Aditya and Ajeng

  1. neno

    #020. Piercings?→ yes, 7 in ear lobes (3 in left ear lobe, 4 in right)>> wwwooooww really? that must be really cool. anyway, did it hurt when you have them pierced? :S

  2. ayu susanti aditya

    sarah, your major is psychology..?
    oo..is it difficult?
    thx dah dikerjain pr-nya!

  3. Sarahsita

    @ neno : hahaha, hell yeah,, hurt? umm, a bit, but it’s gonna be okay after a week, want try? haha! yg agak sakit itu yg di tulangnya, jd ada 1 tindikan yg di daun kuping bagian atas (kebayang ga?) yg ada tulangnya, itu SAKIT, but hugh-satisfied, hahaha!

    @ayu susanti : yep, no, not really difficult if u have sense and feel, observing eyes n analytical thinking (hahaha!) tapi klo ga peka, ga jeli, ya susah deh (begitu kata dosenku).

  4. mutya

    thx 4 tagging me!

    btw, did u went to 3 highschool?? i’ve a friend there,lulusan 2006. namanya nilna, knal?

  5. Linda

    Sehr interessanter Artikel den du da geschrieben hast. Endlich hab ich das gefunden was ich gesucht habe. Ich wuerde auch gerne den RSS Feed von deinem Blog abonieren aber leider finde ich diesen nicht. Wo muss ich denn danach suchen?

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