Awards from Helena

i’d like to thank Helena for these awards. man, she gave me 2, wooow!! (thank you my dear!)

the rules:
first: put this logo on your blog.
second: answer these questions below :

1. what is your main reason to make a blog?
2. whose blog that visit first after you make your own blog?
3. tag 5 people you visit often!

i’m answering :
1. i’ve no specific reason to make a blog, just an impulsive thought, as usual, LOL. i love writing and wondered why i don’t make a blog, that would help to train my skill (nobody will know his/her ability to do something if she/he doesn’t (want to) explore it more) and entertain myself with that kind of hobby (writing). so my main reason must be : an impulsive thought drives me to have a blog and i’ve stimulated by the pressure.

2. oh shit i’ve forgotten, swear i can’t remember whose blog i visited first after i made it.

3. i’m tagging : Febri, danisha, Diana ang, Audrey, and Priska, because i wanna know their answers. =)

and the second award is :

*bilingual mode : on* LOL.

the rules:
first: pajang award ini d blog anda
second: beri judul the uniqe award d postingan
third: jawab pertanyaan berikut ini

1. benda unik apa yg lo punya ?
2. apakah elo mengoleksi benda benda unik ? kalo iya apa saja ?
3. apa penyebab elo bisa membuat dan mempunyai blog unik seperti ini?

my answers’ :
1. mm, let me remember, i think i don’t have any unique materials, yeah sure, i don’t have!!!

2. as what i’ve said, i don’t have any, but yes for collection, i have some books from an author named Virginia Woolf. very unusual for us, because just a few people know her. she was suffering a psychotic disorder, i have diagnosed her for my 5th semester’s assignment, and in my diagnosis, she had schizophrenia disorder, it has completed with hallucination (which is the main symptom of schizos). people with hallucination always have an extraordinary fantasy/imagination to their world, and her books are written with all of her hallucination, and what an unbelieveable, those are amazing-hallucinated-books, oh wow! that’s why i claimed these as my unique things i’ve collected.

my woolf’s books. i only have 3, she has written maybe 5 or 6,
but they’re not published in Indonesia,
or i don’t know if i miss them, i’ve hunted them, from gramedia,
ak’sa’ra, kinokuniya, QB, tapi ga ada, dodol!!

3. ???? unik? dr mana uniknya yah? i don’t think i have a unique blog, i think my blog is such a diary for me.. =)

urusan tagging, siapa ya? same with above aja laah!! happy writing, mmuah! LOL.


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