cause i’m dying

You don’t know me, mum. You don’t know how hard for me to survive in this (f***ing) condition. All that I need is YOU, but you don’t even know if I need you. Well yeah, let me grow up WITH MY OWN WAY, Don’t worry because I’LL SHOW YOU. I’m sick of it, mum, my eyes are just about bleeding, isn’t that enough?? DARN.

even an angel can be tired..

even an angel can be tired.. – by sarahsita hendry on



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6 responses to “cause i’m dying

  1. Alin dong!

    What happen to you,,honey?
    Apakah memang sesering ini dikau berantem sama nyokap?

    (Polyvore-nya bagus, hehehe)
    Ternyata bakat lo tdk terpengaruh ama suasana hati..

    Cheer Up!

  2. febri :)

    knapa kak? kok kaya nya stress banget?
    smangat ajaa yaa. 🙂
    saya doakan dari sini 😀

  3. Master_of_ugal_ugalan

    hmmmh.. you have the alternate version of me and my mother.

    I love and I tried to stay away from my parents ( esp. my mother ), it gives me more confidence if i can handle most of the problems myself and prepares me to be a better parents myself

    but she just keeps on barging into my life, that’s why i work on other city and minimized communication..

    just..don’t do anything reckless, okay? relax and take a deep breath

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  6. nityamonto

    knp saaarrrr…? sabar ya hunnnny..

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