homework from nitia.

euugghh, such a bad day today.. i had a neuropsychology’s class and it was sooo boring. the lesson today is about vigilance and disorders. vigilance is the condition when u’re ready to do some reactions of a stimulus, comes from your brain, neuron, and blahblahblah.. ASS!!

but my mood was successfully swinging after i read a message from my dear friend, nitia. she wanted me to do a homework, in which u have to describe how messy your desk is, hahaha, no no, just describe about ur desk. ur desk? yeah, my desk. weird, huh? weird can be so much fun, anyway..
talking about my desk(s), actually i never study on my desk, i choose to study on bed, or just sit on the floor, or no study at all, but those fucking college are pushing me to always study everyday, every night, every midnight, every week, every month, every breath i take, gaahh, its too much.
now here are the pics, i’ll show you one by one(of course!), start from my favourite desk..

this is my small desk next to my bed. its very special for me because i can put anything i want , like my mobile(s), cigs, tissue, sugar-free candies, my tiny ashtray (its very small, swear!!), also my glasses while i sleep. the desk isn’t big, but not really small, enough for everything that i always put onto.. okay, lets move to my another desk..

ahaa.. i don’t think it’s a ‘real’ desk.. i think this is the toilette desk. the (toilette) desk is where i use to putting all my perfumes. i like to collect perfumes, i have many scents of perfume, but my favourite is perfumes by moschino. i put my loose powder as well, body lotion, and so on and so oooon, LOL. next!

i’m giving you 2 angles of my i-don’t-know-how-to-order-it desk. i hope u’re just realized why i don’t like to study on my desk, yessss, because there are too many books. each book consists of +/- 700 pages, those are written in english , one of them is a diagnostic book that always use for giving the diagnosis for someone who suffers any mental illness(es). if you use it to beat someone, i can predict he/she will get a bruise then, hahaha! beside the books, i put my binder too, my pens/pencils, stick notes, tape, small note books, organizer, and many other..
in addition :

this is my small part of my bed, where i always spend my time while i’m at my bedroom. use my lappy, either for browsing or doing my work-paper(s), reading magazine/newspaper, watching tv, listening my mom’s screaming (sick!!!), and maaany other kind of activities. i love this spot.. (do i need to explain further info?)

and the last, the desk for tv and dvds.. its messy because i haven’t got enough time to order it. i have many dvds as i like to watch them. movies are my entertainment, beside polyvore and books.. i can learn many things from them (books n movies), so they aren’t only entertaining, but also knowledgeable.. =)

Done!!! fiuuh.. well, nitia wrote that i have to tag other friends, i want to tag, umm ..


ok guys, lets analyse your desk, hahaha!


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4 responses to “homework from nitia.

  1. Helena Hotmonica

    well,what a tidy room!

  2. nenoneno

    wow, thanks for the tag! I’ll do it ASAP!
    iya bener tu katanya Helena, what a tidy room! bandingkan dengan kamar saya yg kayak kapal pecah. hehehe.. 😀

  3. nityamonto

    iri sama koleksi parfumnyaaaa…
    and your room is very tidy and comfy!! thank you sarah for doing this post… cups!

  4. evelynpy

    waduh…kamarnya kecil amat ya?
    gila dan messy banget…hahahahaha…sama banget seperti kamar aku…tidak terlihat sedikitpun seperti kamar cewek

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