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Awards from Helena

i’d like to thank Helena for these awards. man, she gave me 2, wooow!! (thank you my dear!)

the rules:
first: put this logo on your blog.
second: answer these questions below :

1. what is your main reason to make a blog?
2. whose blog that visit first after you make your own blog?
3. tag 5 people you visit often!

i’m answering :
1. i’ve no specific reason to make a blog, just an impulsive thought, as usual, LOL. i love writing and wondered why i don’t make a blog, that would help to train my skill (nobody will know his/her ability to do something if she/he doesn’t (want to) explore it more) and entertain myself with that kind of hobby (writing). so my main reason must be : an impulsive thought drives me to have a blog and i’ve stimulated by the pressure.

2. oh shit i’ve forgotten, swear i can’t remember whose blog i visited first after i made it.

3. i’m tagging : Febri, danisha, Diana ang, Audrey, and Priska, because i wanna know their answers. =)

and the second award is :

*bilingual mode : on* LOL.

the rules:
first: pajang award ini d blog anda
second: beri judul the uniqe award d postingan
third: jawab pertanyaan berikut ini

1. benda unik apa yg lo punya ?
2. apakah elo mengoleksi benda benda unik ? kalo iya apa saja ?
3. apa penyebab elo bisa membuat dan mempunyai blog unik seperti ini?

my answers’ :
1. mm, let me remember, i think i don’t have any unique materials, yeah sure, i don’t have!!!

2. as what i’ve said, i don’t have any, but yes for collection, i have some books from an author named Virginia Woolf. very unusual for us, because just a few people know her. she was suffering a psychotic disorder, i have diagnosed her for my 5th semester’s assignment, and in my diagnosis, she had schizophrenia disorder, it has completed with hallucination (which is the main symptom of schizos). people with hallucination always have an extraordinary fantasy/imagination to their world, and her books are written with all of her hallucination, and what an unbelieveable, those are amazing-hallucinated-books, oh wow! that’s why i claimed these as my unique things i’ve collected.

my woolf’s books. i only have 3, she has written maybe 5 or 6,
but they’re not published in Indonesia,
or i don’t know if i miss them, i’ve hunted them, from gramedia,
ak’sa’ra, kinokuniya, QB, tapi ga ada, dodol!!

3. ???? unik? dr mana uniknya yah? i don’t think i have a unique blog, i think my blog is such a diary for me.. =)

urusan tagging, siapa ya? same with above aja laah!! happy writing, mmuah! LOL.


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cause i’m dying

You don’t know me, mum. You don’t know how hard for me to survive in this (f***ing) condition. All that I need is YOU, but you don’t even know if I need you. Well yeah, let me grow up WITH MY OWN WAY, Don’t worry because I’LL SHOW YOU. I’m sick of it, mum, my eyes are just about bleeding, isn’t that enough?? DARN.

even an angel can be tired..

even an angel can be tired.. – by sarahsita hendry on


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a bedtime story which telling about SPIDER

(this note has already posted on my facebook)

I titled like that because I’m all out of clever things to say something good about spider. I bet, this will be the most horrible bedtime story u’ve ever read. First of all, I wanna give you the definition of a spider itself. Spider is an insect, a predatory arachnid with eight legs (OMG, it hasn’t got any hand, so how can I grab its hand by the way?? LOL), two poison fangs, two feelers, and usually two silk-spinning organs at the back end of the body; they spin silk to make cocoons for eggs or traps for prey. Spider always make a fast movement, from one place to the other place, and we’ll find it hard to catch it. Very untouchable. Edward Cullen said that a fast movement he always do is like a spider. And if u have seen twilight movie, you must know when he tells that lines.

Unfortunately, I was in love with a spider. Not a real spider, but ‘spider’. Spider that I mean is someone from a cursed place, who always laying in my mind, my heart even my unconsciousness. I had a very unforgettable first date (a date, not only a meeting). i went to the cinema with him, took the midnight show, after that, he dropped me to my house. He told me that I needn’t to tell anybody about that night, “just me and you, can you keep it?”, he asked. Yeah of course I can, why not? Day by day, week by week, our no-status-relationship was going beautifully. But one day, he asked me a confusing question again, “is this wrong?”, then I asked him back, “what ‘this’? whats wrong?”.
“this!!! Our relationship. We have no status, la la la …” Then I was realized that oh gosh, I’ll face some troubles soon, I had a bad feeling. Thank God, it didn’t take a long time, It’s just blocked.
But my dilemmatic situation hasn’t finished yet. About 3 weeks or a month later, I saw there are so many differences in his behavior, if compare with his behavior 3 or 4 weeks before. He seems like, umm.. lack of passion, have a bore, or something like that, marked by his tendency not to reply my sms, answer my phone call, and so on.

stupid feeling
stupid feeling – by sarahsita hendry on

I wondered, “what happened with u, hun? And why u didn’t tell me anything? U’re blinding me, u know, and it ain’t funny!!” he told that he was like that even before I met him. No, he’s not like that. I feel such a different thing. I guess, he can’t manage his many negative feelings for our relationship. He’s too egoish to make a good deal with me, he’d rather to treat me like that, he doesn’t know how it feels like, being rejected and neglected, rrggghhh.. what the F!!! its going on for about 3 weeks till we (HE!!) decided to ending our relationship (pretend that we really have a status).

i'm trying not to jump
i’m trying not to jump – by sarahsita hendry on

Maybe that time is where I had to be in a lowest-level phase on my life-span. this experience is teaching me how we should appreciate the love. each person has some different ways to express the love, and however the form of their expression, all we need to know is : love is a very special gift from God. u may be blessed if u have the love in your heart. the power, and the purity of love, can beat anything in the universe. so please save and care about your partner’s (either couple, friend, sibling, parent) feeling, don’t give them a sadness, an emptiness, or sorrow because they think they love a wrong person. love is never wrong, actually, the point is how we keep our love n grow it correctly. why did i ask u to do that? because i know how hard when i get an ignorance from THAT SPIDER. i don’t know maybe he’s jobless or what, he’s just a kind of shit that i have to throw it away. fucking SPIDER!!!
(any question guys?)

P.S : i just wanna share, its okay if u have different opinion.. =)


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homework from nitia.

euugghh, such a bad day today.. i had a neuropsychology’s class and it was sooo boring. the lesson today is about vigilance and disorders. vigilance is the condition when u’re ready to do some reactions of a stimulus, comes from your brain, neuron, and blahblahblah.. ASS!!

but my mood was successfully swinging after i read a message from my dear friend, nitia. she wanted me to do a homework, in which u have to describe how messy your desk is, hahaha, no no, just describe about ur desk. ur desk? yeah, my desk. weird, huh? weird can be so much fun, anyway..
talking about my desk(s), actually i never study on my desk, i choose to study on bed, or just sit on the floor, or no study at all, but those fucking college are pushing me to always study everyday, every night, every midnight, every week, every month, every breath i take, gaahh, its too much.
now here are the pics, i’ll show you one by one(of course!), start from my favourite desk..

this is my small desk next to my bed. its very special for me because i can put anything i want , like my mobile(s), cigs, tissue, sugar-free candies, my tiny ashtray (its very small, swear!!), also my glasses while i sleep. the desk isn’t big, but not really small, enough for everything that i always put onto.. okay, lets move to my another desk..

ahaa.. i don’t think it’s a ‘real’ desk.. i think this is the toilette desk. the (toilette) desk is where i use to putting all my perfumes. i like to collect perfumes, i have many scents of perfume, but my favourite is perfumes by moschino. i put my loose powder as well, body lotion, and so on and so oooon, LOL. next!

i’m giving you 2 angles of my i-don’t-know-how-to-order-it desk. i hope u’re just realized why i don’t like to study on my desk, yessss, because there are too many books. each book consists of +/- 700 pages, those are written in english , one of them is a diagnostic book that always use for giving the diagnosis for someone who suffers any mental illness(es). if you use it to beat someone, i can predict he/she will get a bruise then, hahaha! beside the books, i put my binder too, my pens/pencils, stick notes, tape, small note books, organizer, and many other..
in addition :

this is my small part of my bed, where i always spend my time while i’m at my bedroom. use my lappy, either for browsing or doing my work-paper(s), reading magazine/newspaper, watching tv, listening my mom’s screaming (sick!!!), and maaany other kind of activities. i love this spot.. (do i need to explain further info?)

and the last, the desk for tv and dvds.. its messy because i haven’t got enough time to order it. i have many dvds as i like to watch them. movies are my entertainment, beside polyvore and books.. i can learn many things from them (books n movies), so they aren’t only entertaining, but also knowledgeable.. =)

Done!!! fiuuh.. well, nitia wrote that i have to tag other friends, i want to tag, umm ..


ok guys, lets analyse your desk, hahaha!


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i’ll miss u, my sist!

woaa, hari ini, temen gw, senior gw, dan udah gw anggep kayak kakak gw sendiri, ka fergie, bakalan pergi ke philippines to have a leg surgery. gw baru taunya TADI SIANG, itu juga karena gw buka facebook dan disitu statusnya bilang kalo dia bakal meninggalkan jakarta. KAGET ABIIS gw. gw emang udah skitar 1 mingguan ga kontak ama dia, skalinya kontak juga cuma ngebahas masalah sehari2 kayak nanya kabar, gimana ujiannya (kan dia lg ujian tuh), and ga pernah nanya tentang kapan dia mau dioperasi. baru deh tadi, gw secara ga sengaja dikasihtau tentang keberangkatannya dia. setelah gw baca status update nya, gw langsung sms dia. unfortunately, dia ga bales sms gw, mungkin dia lg sibuk, pikir gw, dan gw yg pas itu mau masuk ke kelas neuropsikologi, mutusin buat re-send message abis kelas slesai aja, karena mungkin aja di tengah2 jalannya kuliah, dia bales sms gw, tapi ternyata tidak..

pas kelas udah selesai, ga ada juga balesan sms dari dia. mulai deh gw mikir, “ini ka egie kmana ya?”, akhirnya terdoronglah gw untuk nelfon dia. telfon gw DIANGKAT!! fiuuh lega. gw masih sempet ngomong ama dia walaupun cuma bentar. i gave her some motivationa and wishes, and kaget banget gw pas dia bilang ternyata dia berangkat jam 1 dinihari, OMG!! gw pun nutup telfon dengan perasaan lega, at least gw bisa nunjukkin atensi gw ke dia, and ga peduli mau dia nganggep itu angin lewat doang or anything, gw ga peduli itu.

mungkin lo pada bertanya-tanya, kenapa sih gw ngebahas dia di postingan gw kali ini? sebenrnya gw ngangkat dia karena gw ga punya topik lain smentara gw pengen banget ngupdate blog gw, hahahaha, ga juga laaah! deep down inside, gw pengen banget ngeluarin kecemasan gw (yang sebenernya masih dalam batas normal) tapi gw gatau gimana cara negluarinnya, jadi yaudah, dengan gw menulis artikel buat dia, mudah-mudahan semua bisa menjadi lebih baik (perasaan gw).

ini ka egie, waah potonya gw ambil colongan dari facebooknya,
abis gw ga punya fotonya, hahaha!

perkenalan gw dengan ka egie itu simple banget. jadi waktu itu gw butuh subjek buat wawancara mengenai olahraga dan kaitannya dengan tingkat stress. gw disuruh wawancara 3 narasumber, sementara gw cuma punya 2, akhirnya gw pilihlah ka egie, senior gw waktu di SMA, untuk menjadi subjek gw. gw kirim message, ask her whether she agree to be my participant or not, ternyata dia mau!!! goood, gw ngerasa lega banget, karena dia bersedia jd my last participant. udah tuh, gw jadi sering kontak ama dia, untuk membangun sebuah kontak emosional biar dia bisa nyaman sama gw. fortunately, dia bukan tipe orang yg ‘kaku’, walaupun ga bisa digolongin orang yg ‘hangat’ juga (yaiya, secara gw kan baru kenal, pas SMA jg ga pernah ngobrol), tapi cukup bersahabat dan welcome lah sama gw. gw jd sering cerita2, dia juga ternyata mau cerita sm gw, ampe wawancara berlangsung, kita kayak yg udah lama kenal gitu. padahal pas wawancara itu pertemuan pertama.

ka fergie, Fergie rachel kawengian, biasa gw panggil ka egie, kena cidera di lututnya (gw lupa yang sebelah mana), katanya sih pas PON tahun lalu. dia atlit cabang olahraga basket, dan membawa kota Jakarta pas PON tahun kemarin itu. sehari-harinya, dia kuliah di Perbanas, jurusan manajemen, angkatan 2005, setahun di atas gw. dia juga member dari club Mahaputri Britama. kalo lo tau perkembangan basket indonesia, lo pasti udah ngga asing sama tim ini, and lo juga pasti tau kalo tim Mahaputri ini udah memenangkan piala KOBANITA sebanyak 7 kali berturut-turut.
ka egie, tinggal di jakarta sendirian. ada sih sodara-sodaranya, tapi orangtuanya tinggal di manado, dan dia anak tunggal. dulu, dia tinggal sama tantenya, tapi karena dikontrak sama tim nya, dia jadi pindah ke mess tim nya di daerah kelapa gading sana. dia itu tipe cewek keras, galak (punya temper yg tinggi), koleris-melankolis gitu. di super-mandiri, hidup di jakarta sendiri bukan hal yang gampang. terlepas dari urusan ekonomi (karena gw yakin dia pasti dapet subsidi dr ortunya), dia harus berjuang sendiri ngelewatin tahap demi tahap perkembangannya. di saat dia kedinginan, cuma selimut yang bisa menghangatkan badannya, dan di saat dia gundah, cuma kata hati dan otaknya yang bisa menjawab kegundahannya, beruntung dia deket sama Tuhan, which is dia bisa sharing dan ngerasa ‘ada yg nemenin’. dia juga punya temen-temen yang sayang dan perhatian sama dia.

ka egie in action..

perlu diketahui sebelumnya, gw adalah orang yang sangat menyayangi temen-temen gw. gw punya kepekaan yang tinggi terhadap mereka, kalo mereka kenapa2, gw bisa loh cemas sendiri gitu, tingkat kecemasan gw emang bisa dibilang tinggi, jadi no wonder kalo gw cemas mikirin dia yang lg deg-degan menghadapi saat2 operasi.

well, hati emang ga pernah bohong. cinta emang selalu berjalan sesuai perintah otak dan stimulus dari orang yang kita cintai. teman-teman kita, adalah salah satu bagian terbaik dari diri kita sendiri. companionate love (cinta pada sahabat), make our life worth living. hubungan gw ama ka egie, bukan hubungan yang spesial kalo dilihat dari kuantitasnya. gw jalan bareng ama dia cuma 3 kali jooo, pertama yang wawancara, trus ke mangdu bareng, trus terakhir gw nonton bareng ama dia and 2 temennya. tapi kalo dari segi kualitas, gw ngerasa gw dapet kualitas yang oke dari dia, gw ga tau juga sih dia nganggep gw gimana, but once again, gw ga peduli, gw udah memberikan yang terbaik, menggunakan kesempatan (langka) yang ada, n itu balik lagi ke dia nya. yang jelas, dia udah dapet ruang sendiri, bergabung dengan sahabat-sahabat gw lainnya, yang ampe kapanpun ga pernah brubah statusnya menjadi ‘musuh’. kebencian emang bisa merubah sebuah hubungan, tapi hati, ga pernah bisa kalah dari benci, benci adalah sebuah emosi negatif yang bisa dihapus oleh cinta yang ikhlas. cinta apapun. dan gw adalah orang yang sangat menghargai cinta, dari mulai ama orangtua, sahabat, ampe binatang piaraan. gw bisa bertahan ampe sekarang juga karena cinta, guys! sooo, spread the love in everywhere!!!

persahabatan, membuat kita merasa selalu dicintai,
membuat hidup kita menjadi lebih penuh arti.
(quote yang pasti udah sering banget lo denger bahkan nyaris basi, tapi BENER BANGET!)

for my dear ka egie :
aku salut banget ama keberanian n kemandirian kakak. aku ga akan pernah berusaha untuk meng’kopi’, karena aku punya cara sendiri untuk juga bisa bertahan seperti kakak, tapi sumpah, kakak udah jadi ‘role model’ aku, untuk menjadi cewek kuat dan mandiri, tetapi tetap hangat seperti ka egie yang aku kenal sekarang.
glad to know that u’ll get well soon, but sad to let u go even for a month, hahaha, lebay! well ka, just takecare there ya, dont forget to pray for the best therapeuthic, have a safe surgical proccess, n so on.. i’m praying for u here as well,, warm hugs for u kaa, and mmmuaahh!!
*can’t wait to see n hear that u’re back, next month*
God bless u fully.. (maaf ya ka, fotonya aku pinjem, hihi!)

teman-teman, tolong doain ka egie yaaa, biar dia bisa cepet sembuh, i need your pray guys, for her! thanks a lot!!!

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I dreamed I could fly out in the blue

kira2 belakangan ini, gw lg ngerasa down bgt, ga tau mungkin krn kecapean aja, mgnk jg krn kesepian, yg emang wajar bgt dialamin ama stiap manusia, bahkan yg pacarnya lebih dr 1 jg bs ngerasain hal itu. saat gw ga ada kerjaan, gw iseng bikin set di polyvore, diinspirasiin dr lagunya roxette yg wish i could fly. gw jd sukkaaa bgt ama lagu itu. gw emang mikir, kynya enak ya klo bisa terbang, gw bs nge-refresh otak gw dgn kemampuan terbang gw, but its riddiculous, it just a dream, that only a miracle can make it come true..
I dreamed I could fly out in the blue
I dreamed I could fly out in the blue by sarahsita hendry(is sad)

Wish I Could Fly – Roxette

Halfway through the night
I wake up in a dream
Echoes in my head
Make every whisper turn into a scream

I dreamed I could fly
Out in the blue
Over this town
Following you
Over the trees
Subways and cars
I’d try to find out
Who you really are

In the middle of the night
Cool sweatin’ in my bed
Got the windows open wide
Thinkin’ about all the things you said

I wish I could fly
Out in the blue
Over this town
Following you
I’d fly over rooftops
The great boulevards
To try to find out
Who you really are
Who you really are

I wish I could fly now
I wish I could fly now
I wish I could fly now

I wish I could fly
Around and around
Over this town
The dirt on the ground
I’d follow your course
Of doors left ajar

To try to find out
Who you really are
Who you really are

Fly, fly, fly
I wish I could fly

I wake up in a dream
(in the middle of the night)
I wish I could fly…
(in the middle of the night)
I wish I could fly


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just wanna express my anger..

now i’m gonna express my anger, if u’re not agreed, don’t sense it, stop read and shut up!! (slesai kan masalah???)

ntah knapa, ada ujian apa, beberapa hari ini gw sering nemuin org2 dengan tabiat MENYEBALKAN di mata gw (terserah di mata lo mau dianggep apa org2 itu). orang2 ini menganggap diri mereka paling penting, paling hebat, nyaris tanpa dosa. mungkin mereka ga punya kaca kali di rumah. well, let me explain how they act..

first one i met, orang sok suci. hahaha, muak bgt ga sih lo ama org yg ky gini.. dia sering bgt private message ke gw dengan kalimat bijak, agamis (gw gatau jg sih agamanya dia apa), berasa gw bakal denger bijakan nya dia gitu.. trus tiba2 ada yg ngeadd gw di facebook, ga tau dia ini siapa. gw sih bukan org yg nge-ignore org (bukan krn gw ga bisa, tp krn gw pikir yaudah lah, it just facebook!!), jadi gw approve aja dia. gw ga punya estimasi apa2 ttg org ini krn gw ga kenal jg ama ni orang. ternyataaa, pas gw lg online n dia online jg, dia ngirim gw online message di facebook, menginform kalo itu dia, dan tu org adalah org yg dr bbrapa bulan yg lalu gw anggep sbg org yg ga penting, si org sok suci ituu. ah parah!! kaget gw, njing!! umm, berhubung gw idup di dunia timur, agak ga etis juga klo gw mengumbarkan identitas dia, walaupun dengan maksud assert, gw yakin klo dia baca blog ini dia pasti bakal nuntut gw (ga ada wkt buat ngeladenin tuntutan dia). dan tau ga loooo, dia NGAJAK GW KENALAN. hahahaha! kira2 online message nya dia ky gini :

dia : “hi, aku ….. (dia nyebut namanya), pembaca blog kamu, inget ga?”
gw : “ooh, inget2..” (masih mikir, tp ga lama gw super kaget. OMG , itu diaa? si sok alim itu?)
dia : “boleh kenalan ga? kmu tinggal dimana? ada YM?”
gw : (mindahin status online jd offline..)

heeh what the fuck?? belom apa2 udah nanyain YM? (gw kasi YM nya bokap gw baru tau rasa lo!) gimana ya, gw bukan org yg NYARI JODOH VIA DUNIA MAYA. bukannya mau pamer, udah sering sih org ngajak gw kenalan yg ga jelas gitu, dan ga bisa disalain juga, suka2 mereka dong mau nyari jodoh lewat mana, suka2 gw jg kalo gw ga mau nerima jodoh lewat internet, but hell-oooo, org yg ngajak gw kenalan adalah dia yg selalu berbijak2, terkesan dia adalah org yg kalem abis n ga mungkin tebar pesona, eeeh ternyataa.. malah lebih parahnya lagi, temen gw (ga terlalu kenal jg sih) pernah dikritik ama dia (si org dodol ini). jd temen gw tu bikin post apaaa gitu, lupalah gw, trus dikritik ama dia, gw jg lupa apa kritikannya, krn gw cm tau dr crita si temen gw ini, bukan langsung gw baca di blognya dia. what a fake!! damn shit! mulutmu harimau mu anak muda (dia lebih muda dr gw dong jooo!!), now i know what ur bad is.. so bad, poor you, i give my big sympathy to you, young man.. (you should buy a mirror, hahaha!)

the second one is, ya sama aja sih sok suci jg, tapi klo dia mungkin sok bijak kali ya? (apa bedanya sih?) jd ceritanya, ada temen gw yg kesel bgt ama salah satu dosen, dia mencak2 tuh, marah2, waaah heboh bgt deh pokonya, tu seisi kelas udah pada ikutan heboh jg gara2 dia (padahal di dalem kelasnya cuma ada 4 org aja, tp rasanya udah ky ada 10 org gitu), berhubung gw ga tau apa2, maksudnya gw cuma tau bahwa temen gw sedang tersulut emosinya gara2 si dosen yg pelit nilai itu, jd gw memutuskan utk diem aja.. finally, gw jd ikutan berkomen karena ternyata cerita temen gw ttg si dosen gw ini membangkitkan kemarahan gw. gw nyeletuk aja, “ah biarin aja, suruh makan tai aja tu dosen2 pelit nilai itu!”, semua pada ketawa denger ocehan bego gw.. tak disangka2, orang yg ga diundang tiba2 nyamperin kita (dia udah ada di kelas itu sbenernya, tapi dia sibuk dengan laptopnya, dan dia jg bukan bagian dr gw n temen2 gw, gw bahkan ga kenal ama dia walaupun sekelas, stau gw sih dia angkatan atas) trus ngomong, “tolong dong kata2nya diperatiin, kesopanan tetep dijaga ya!”, katanya..
eh buseeeet!! smua orang juga tau kaliii kalo kesopanan harus dijaga. lagian siapa disini yg ga sopan coba? gw n temen2 gw, atau dia yg tiba2 ngintervensi padahal ga tau apa2? kalo mau intervensi mbok ya tanya2 dulu dong, kondisinya kayak apa, jgn main ngehakimin orang aja.. gw jg bakal ngamuk kalo temen gw marah2nya di depan org banyak, kyk ga berpendidikan aja. gausah diajarin, mas!! anak psikologi apa bukan sih dia?? orang yg namanya lagi marah ya terang aja bisa seenak jidat ngomongnya.. lagian dengan makian gw n temen2 gw juga gw ga bakal ngeganggu idupnya dia. asal lo tau ya nyet, di luar sana masih banyak anak2 yg ngomongnya lebih kurang ajar, bahkan mereka ngomong secara lepas bebasnya di depan khalayak umum, trus ini yg cuma di kelas doang, harus diributin gitu?? *mungkin dia ga ada kerjaan n mau cari perhatian*

ok buat teman2ku sayang, don’t judge a book by its cover, dia yg suka ngumbar kata2 penuh kesucian, belom tentu juga dalem nya suci. manusia ga ada yg sempurna, dude.. tapi manusia yg baik adalah dia yg selalu berusaha sekuat tenaganya untuk membuat semua pekerjaanya mendekati titik kesempurnaan, bukan manusia yg maunya dinilai sempurna oleh manusia lainnya, dengan kerap show off akan sesuatu yg dia sendiri tau bahwa dia ga mungkin mencapai itu..
and for u guys who being (was, been) judged, tenang aja men, ga ada yg suci di dunia ini. kalo ada orang2 yg menuding lo aneh2, sesungguhnya dia BUTA akan hati lo, krn klo dia tau, gw yakin ga akan ada tudingan keluar dr mulut dia. memahami perasaan orang memang tidak semudah itu, tapi dengan elo diem dan ga berkomentar apa2, itu adalah sebuah bentuk pemahaman yg lo kasih ke org itu.. jadi tolong, hargai hak gerak orang lain, sebagaimana Tuhan menghargai hak gerakmu, untuk menjadi apa yg kamu inginkan buat duniamu.. =)


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