surprise in the afternoon

hahaha.. y’know what? i had a chat (by facebook) with my an-dear-onymous. then i’d to cut the conversation, because i wanted 2 smoke (bad habit, i know! enough guys, enough!). so i logged my facebook out, left the laptop (which is still turn on), took my cigs n light, went outside my room to the balcony, then smoked (hahaha. what a description!!). after i finished, i went back 2 my room n looked at the laptop. i saw that my an-dear-shit-onymous is gone.
“oh gosh!”, i said.
“why u leave me so fast? why u dont wait me for a moment till i back?”
“ah, so damn u. u even cant stay 4 me. it just a moment!! few minutes. not a day, few days, many days, many years. oh, geeeez! terrific!”
i was disappointed. oh no no no, i AM disappointed (yeah, its present, STILL happening!). this is totally out of my mind. haah!
a few minutes later, after i said many cursed word that i know, i sent my an-asshole-dear-onymous a message (by phone). here is the message :

“yah dia cabut. baru aja ak mau ngirim message. hahaha! u’re soo untouchable. i got late 2 realized. hmm!

for about +/- a minute, there’s a reply. i read it, it wrotes :

“iya neh. gw disuruh ma nyokap. disuruh nganter titipan ke rumah temennya. bentar ya ndut!”

i replied :

“hahaha! what a statement. ok, take ur time!”

oh then there’s a reply again. eh? i couldnt believe. bit amazed before finally i read it :

“apa maksudnya what a statement?”

bhwahahaha.. i havent reply it yet. till now. hahaha.. i really dont know what should i say. it will make some trouble if i make it longer. so i decide to keep my mouth off.

for u baby : “how hard u’re. i cant touch u.. now, i give up. thats all up to u. where u will bring me, i dont wanna know. i’m following u, darl. i cant handle it all. u’re unexpected. ure so hard, n too far! but i’m still on u, till i realized that our relationship is difficult to do.”


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