Light in the darkness..

Weekend with assignment is great, hahaha! Such a bullshit huh? Definitely! Today is Sunday but I have 2 pay attentions for my assignment. My body is sick, from head to toe start with headache, then stomachache, bones r painful, feet cant use 2 walk as normal as usually, n finish with mood swing. Those r because of my period.. Laptop-ing in sleep position with no energy, feeling sleepy n lil confused… I had my meal already, with no appetite n just for formality. How sad my weekend is.
My statistics’ task getting so hard 2 finishes. The task is that I have 2 analyze the social-psychology’s journal, measures with ANOVA (analysis of variance) 2 way repeated measurement. My journal’s topic is the social supports of high-risk, formerly maltreated adults. I have 2 find the structures of the journal, such as a background, an urgency, hypotheses, methodology, data analysis, and then conclusion. Honestly, The level of difficulty is low, but the level of my motivation to do it is low too, so the result will be: finished slowly… Till I write this post, I’ve finished half of it. With high-effort thinking (or dying to be) that makes me tired.
Oh Lord, I’m not on my mood today, even to finish my tasks. Although the deadline is tomorrow!!! I need rest, I need fun, I hope someone picks me up and then she/he brings me to somewhere in which I can refresh my left-side’s brain. My friend promises that she’ll call me soon, but where is she? Her voice is unheard, my mobile isn’t ringing, that means no receive call. I want to sleep, but I can’t, because if I sleep, there’ll not enough time to finish my task, coz I have to finish it before 6 pm, and then post it to my lecturer (yes, we collect it by email, so simple..)
(About an hour later)
My best friend’s calling!!! Haah, at last! She refreshed my mind, with simple jokes, we laughed, we shared, and we went crazy, haha! Friends r always can make our live worthier, no matter how hard it feels before, but after they come, join with us, everything going nice then. That’s why I usually called friends as a precious gift from God. God sent us friends preciously, not to be exploited, not to be hurt, but to be saved, to be happy, to be loved. Believe it or not, my mood’s stable now, back to normal, and I’m ready to finish my assignment now. There’s always a light in the darkness,, friends r the light, pure light with no contaminate, with nothing destroyed, and will always turn on as long as we keep them to turning. Keep with our love, care, touch them with hugs and kisses sometimes, to make them feel comfort and warm. I’m the one who’s always give my everything to do that..
And now, I realized again and again, how important my friends are.. How big my love to them is. Nothing can change that, even though I stop breathing, I lose my consciousness, or my heart stop beating, I’ll always love them, love my friends, love them like I love myself.. (please save our love, Dearest God, amen..)

NB: tonight, my twin brother is distracting me.. n I’m so angry, mad, n one step closer to be A KILLER!! (its uncorrelated to my story above, but I’m really DISAPPOINTED!!)


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